853Training Plans

Training Plans

To use the vernacular of London cabbies, we've got 'the knowledge' to help you prepare for whatever race distance you've entered for. Our training plans are tailored to suit all abilities and levels of experience.
Get over it Obstacle races, mud runs, call them what you will, they are springing up all over the country. If you’ve got one on your list for 2013, you need to make sure your body can cope
Double Figures Aim to hit the magic 10-mile mark in two months.
Box Yourself Race Fit
Float like a butterfly and sting like a bee in your next race by boxing yourself race fit.
10 Minute Running Plan
For the man short of time.
Marathon plans Jan2012 crop
Marathon training plan: part one
The ultimate marathon training plans for all levels.

MR15 58 crop
Marathon training plan: part two
The second instalment of our marathon training plans for all levels.

Whether you're aiming for a sub-25 minute time or to just make it round without the assistance of St John's Ambulance after years spent down the pub, like all good shop assistants we're here to help.
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Probably the only distance that entices all runners, hence why our plans are designed to fit all purposes.
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Half marathon should not equal half measures and that's exactly why we've put together these plans for you whether 13.1 miles is the total of your ambition or a stepping-stone to greater challenges.
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The full monty. Don't be put off by the big scary number on the left, we're here to guide you every step of the way. We also provide advice for those veterans looking to break that elusive PB.
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