1360MR Transalpine Run 2012 blog

MR Transalpine Run 2012 blog

  MR intrepid Contributing Ed Jody Raynsford and Contributor Ceri Rees head to the hills, as they take on the 8th GORE-TEX Transalpine-Run. Read on to hear how they get on.

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FINISH:Transalpine Stage 8 Niederdorf to Sexten Sunday 9 2012 It seems an age since we began this race eight days ago in a drizzly Ruhpolding. Almost 200 miles later the curtain has begun to fall on our adventure across the Alps and it doesn't quite feel real... Read more>
Stage 7 - St Vigil to Niederdorf Saturday 8 September,2012 “Toto... we're not in Kansas anymore...” This is it, new territory for me... Read more>
Day Six- Sand in Taufers to St Vigil (Italy), 38.5 km Friday 7 September 2012 This race (it is a race but really it’s more like a long journey with great scenery). Must be like the running equivalent of the Tour De France... Read more >
Stage 5 - Prettau to Sand in Taufers Thursday 6 September 2012 Blisters: 3 Number of cold baths to date: 3 Read more >
The Transalpine Run 2012 - Stage 4 Wednesday 5 September 2012 Total number of beers consumed: 8 Number of blisters: 0 Amount of salami consumed: inestimable Number of times Jody mentioned his bad heel: Twice Read more >
The Transalpine Run 2012 - Stage 3 Tuesday 4 September 2012 Jody and Ceri complete Stage 3 with just 2 blisters and 2 beers consumed... Read more >
Day Two of the Transalpine Run 2012 Monday, 3 September, 2012 Ceri Rees reports on Day Two of the Transalpine Run 2012... Read more >
The Transalpine Run 2012 -Stage 1 Sunday 2 September 2012 The wait was finally over, our kit was finely tuned and we were ready to take on the Alps. The Transalpine Run was upon us and we were raring to go... Read more >
The Alps Transalpine Run 2012: A Preview Friday 31 August 2012 Jody Raynsford gives an overview of what the Gore-Tex Transalpine Run has in store for competitors, as he and teammate Ceri Rees prepare to run 200miles over 8 days. Read more >

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