995The Loop

The Loop

From Hammersmith to Barnes Bridge and back, take on the challenge...Towpath map
Start beneath the white girder on the north side of Hammersmith Bridge and head west to Barnes. Negotiating pub-goers, dog walkers, cyclists and the odd oncoming vehicle, travel along the river, veering occasionally away as the route takes in some highly desirable residential streets. After a mile you will reach Dukes Meadows where you can choose grass or track before the approach to Barnes Bridge. Ascend the steps, cross the river and descend on to the homeward stretch where you'll have to time your attempts to cross Lonsdale Road intelligently to avoid a visit to A&E. The zebra crossing is your safest option.You will quickly hit the riverside trail encased in foliage that will take you the rest of the way without detour. On a wet day the puddles can be plentiful so make footwear choices with this in mind. After three miles the pubs near the start finish will come into view across the water. Make your final drive up the ramp and turn sharply to cross the bridge, only hitting that stop button as you pass back over the north side walkway. Congratulations. Your 3.9 miles of torture are over. You have taken on an Olympian. You are a giant of the towpath. All that remains is to find out where in the pantheon your time has placed you.Good luck, gentlemen. This is your Everest. Sort of.
The Men's Running Towpath Challenge route - Less wobbly in real life...

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