1495Win a RespiBelt!

Win a RespiBelt!

respibelt   The RespiBelt is designed to replicate some of the benefits of altitude training for athletes without the need for a flight to Kenya, by improving breathing performance over time. The Nike Oregon Project, a multi-national running team of Nike sponsored athletes training together under the expert direction of Alberto Salazar, uses RespiBelt as part of the athletes' training preparations.
To breathe we have to work against the resistance of the both the ribcage and the airways of the lung. For some endurance athletes the energy requirement of the breathing muscles can be as much as 85 watts. This could be as much as 16% of the available energy that the athlete has.

respibeltThe RespiBelt fits around the lower chest and ribcage and provides a training load to the breathing muscles as the chest expands during breathing.

By training the breathing muscles they will adapt, becoming stronger and more efficient. In turn, this brings overall improvements in athletic performance, such as improvements in running economy; you will use less energy, your movement is more efficient and exercise feels easier.

This competition has now closed but for a second chance to win a Respibelt please visit http://bit.ly/UKM3zq or visit the RespiBelt Facebook page here: http://www.facebook.com/respibelt


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