914Race report: The Liverpool Triathlon

Race report: The Liverpool Triathlon

The third Liverpool Triathlon took place on Sunday 26th June 2011

Personal trainer Jeff Archer took part – here’s how he got on...
The race took place at Liverpool Docks, which has pretty good accessibility by road. I also spoke to a few people who had made an easy journey there by train. There’s plenty of parking close by which makes registering and then storing all your kit in the transition area fairly straightforward. The race was broken up into a selection of distances and a relay event so there were numerous start times and all seemed to be getting under way on schedule. The swim is in two of the larger docks and the run and the bike are along the main road so there are plenty of places for spectators to view the action and lots of opportunities for fuel and water stations, particularly during the run which has water, sports drinks and gels all provided. Spectators turned out in force for the whole event and they were particularly enthusiastic around the finishing section which was much appreciated by all those taking part. There didn’t appear to be any particular issues with busy loos although with a swim section to begin with I suspect that last rush to the toilet that heralds most running events isn’t necessary at the kick off of a triathlon. After all, you need something to do while you’re waiting for everyone to get into the water.It’s a city event so you know what to expect with the course. The swim is fine, if a little crowded in the first two turns, and the run isn’t really long enough to take you anywhere scenic. Only the bike could benefit from a different setting. For the Olympic distance you cover 40km to there is scope to get a little bit beyond the city limits but with an event that’s trying to cater for different distances it’s clear why they’ve kept it simple and used a system of shorter laps. As well as a rousing cheer at the end there was a medal with the option to have yours engraved with your name. There was no goody bag but lots of people swigging pints at the finish line, although I heard a rumour it was non-alcoholic lager which may have been a disappointment to some.This was my first triathlon and from a logistical point of view it couldn’t have been easier. There’s a lot to think about if you’re not in the habit of organising all your gear. But instructions, signs and helpful event staff made this all very straight-forward, meaning you could keep your head clear, enjoy the atmosphere and just get on with racing.

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