812The half marathon training plan

The half marathon training plan

Take on your first 13 miler with our half marathon plan

If you are relatively new to running, or have even completed a 5K or 10K, throwing yourself in at the deep end and committing to a marathon in a moment of bravery/foolishness might not be the best idea. A half marathon, on the other hand, is a much more attainable, less daunting prospect, and one that shouldn’t fill you with dread. The beauty of those 13.1 miles is that you don’t have to treat them as a stepping-stone to bigger things if you don’t want to. Complete them, and be rightly satisfied that you’ve achieved something not many can claim to have done. Or, admire your finisher’s medal, decide it wasn’t that bad after all, and progress to the longer distance.Either way, the half marathon is an accessible, enjoyable and manageable feat if you approach it with the right attitude and the proper training. We’re not just saying that.
Half marathon training plan

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