1246The Bupa London 10K

The Bupa London 10K

Our sub-editor Philip Wilding takes on the Bupa London 10K

June 22, 2012



How much parking was available at the race?

There wasn’t any, but I tend to frown on people who drive their car so they can go for a run, so it wasn’t an issue. The race was easily accessible from Green Park tube (you literally walked out on to the assembly point in the park) or you could walk from Victoria Station, which was, and still is, 15 minutes away.

How long were you held in the race pen at the start?

We weren’t in the race pen – we warmed up on the grass on the other side. Though the walk down to the start was a bit of a bottleneck past the building site that was to become the stage and seating for the Queen’s Jubilee.

Did the race start on time?

To the very second as far as I could tell

Fuel and facilities

How many water stations did the race have?

Not enough given that it was about 28 degrees, not that anyone could known that it would be so very hot before the race began. So it was one out and one on the way back and only one sprinkler system and that was as we were leaving not when we were dragging ourselves home.

How many fuel stations did the race have?

There was the great Bupa boost Zone at the finish line, giving out free Jelly Babies! You could also get a sports massage or line-up for a rub down, so you felt well looked after.


How long did you have to queue for the toilets?

Hours, but that’s because I was dopey enough to find the first queue – the most obvious one – and stand in it. Last year, I walked a bit further in and got a cubicle in a matter of minutes.

The course

How would you describe the course?

Relatively flat and the two inclines are hardly Heartbreak Hill material. If it hadn’t been for the searing heat it would have been a nice route to run around.  

Where were the best views of the course?

The evocative Leadenhall Market in the city, where they had a lot of drummers, it was a real explosion of sound and a much needed boost. Heading down Embankment’s always a thrill too, but the unrelenting temperature really made those last few miles feel never ending.  

What was in the goody bag at the end?

An Eat Natural bar, water, Lucozade, pistachios and the medal.  

Post-race Organization

How easy was it for you to reclaim your personal items from the baggage collection area?

Considering the thousands of runners, it was a breeze, easier than getting your bag back at Heathrow Terminal 5, put it that way.   How long did it take you to leave the race at the end? It was very busy in Green Park, but I met my girlfriend and the dog – who had completely wilted – without a hitch and getting back didn’t involve wrestling anyone for a seat on the tube, always a good thing.  

Overall, did you enjoy the race – and would you recommend it?

It’s my second time and if the planet hasn’t melted by the time next year then I’ll probably do it again, I suggest you come with me. You see the very heart of London as you go running by. Also, ending your run along the Mall has got to be considered a highlight of any race anywhere in the world.   The Bupa Running Facebook page http://facebook.com/buparunning  gave me training advice, which, frankly, I needed.  Running a race this weekend? We're looking for real readers' vox pops and race-day reviews and we want to hear from you! Click here for details.

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