1448Ten things to think about before you buy any gifts for runners

Ten things to think about before you buy any gifts for runners

 Get the runner in your life the perfect Christmas gift by avoiding these common present pitfalls.    


1. Sizing

Avoid buying anything too specific such as trainers or clothing where sizes vary dramatically. It’s essential that trainers are tried on by the person wearing them – the same could be said for many items of running gear, including jackets and even bottoms, which could be too long or too short.  

2. Mr Gadget

If you want to buy a gadget for someone, think about how technically minded they are before you part with your cash. A watch with bells and whistles on will baffle those who simply would prefer a stopwatch – equally, a gadget geek would be disappointed if their watch or GPS had minimal functions.  

3. Inspire your running buddy

If you want to motivate someone to start running, consider buying them an inspirational running book that will capture their imagination and make them want to start. Ideal choices include Born To Run or Running Made Easy.  

4. More kit

If you’re buying clothing for someone, think about the type of kit they already wear. Are they always running in Capri pants? Do they prefer long sleeved tops to short sleeved ones? Don’t be afraid to buy what they already have – the more kit they have the less they have to wash. Avoid buying shorts if they always run in capris – they’ve chosen capris for a reason.  

5. Accessories

If you’re stuck for ideas, consider what accessories they could use that would benefit their running. Waist belts, headphones that stay put or even a water bottle that doesn’t leak are all handy gifts and it doesn’t matter if you have more than one.  

6. Run to the beat

If your friend or partner runs with music, consider buying them an iTunes voucher, so they can choose their favourite motivational tunes. Failing that, CD compilations of their favourite era, such as 70s, 80s or Indie rock if that’s their thing, would be ideal.  

7. Sock it

If you know their foot size, running socks may not sound glamorous but they’ll make an ideal gift as you can never have too many. Go for double-lined anti-blister socks, available from running stores.  

8. Bag a beanie

With winter approaching, you could buy them a few winter accessories to make their runs more comfortable. Beanie hats or gloves are good choices, as sizes tend to be fairly easy to choose.  

9. Donate to charity

Can’t think of anything to buy them? If you have a friend or partner fundraising for a charity, you could always donate the money you would have spent on a present to their chosen charity instead. If they have all the running gear they need, they’ll really appreciate the sentiment, plus it will motivate them to keep on training during those dark winter nights.  

10. Gift subscription

  Completely stuck for ideas? Sometimes the obvious answer is right in front of you! Motivate your friend or loved one all year round with a subscription to Men’s Running or Women's Running. They’ll receive the magazine through their door every month, so they’ll appreciate your generosity all year round.

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