810The sub 25 minutes 5K plan

The sub 25 minutes 5K plan

Smash 5K in under 25 minutes with our sub 25 plan

There has long been a perception amongst the male running fraternity that taking part in mass participation 5K events is just for girls and isn’t worth the effort to train for. Let’s be honest, three miles is hardly a long way right?Well lads, we’ve got a challenge for you. Next time you turn on the athletics, watch the UK record holder Mo Farah tear round 5K, then head down to the gym and try running 500 metres on the treadmill at the same pace as he covers 5000 metres. If you think 5Ks are for girls, set the speed at 23kph (14mph) for just 500m and tell me (after you’ve peeled yourself off the floor) that it’s just for the ladies.Although female-only events such as the Race for Life have dominated the headlines for 5K events over the past decade, there are a growing number of races such as "Pants in the Park" and even men only Cancer Research 5Ks which are actively encouraging men to give the distance a crack - and quite rightly so.5K is a fantastic distance for all types of runner, regardless of ability and is ideal for blokes who either fancy taking their first step into the world of racing or for those who want to show off their speed, rather than endurance. So, with that in mind, take a look at our 5K plan and watch your fitness sky rocket in six weeks.
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