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Running: Boston Marathon
Lives: London Job: Business Analyst
Aged: 33
Follow Steve on Twitter: @tranter_ Steve's story: A keen football player, Steve only started running four years ago to improve his fitness but has already set an impressive marathon PB of 2:49. He now has his sights set on completing the Boston Marathon in 2:45 and hopes that having professional coaching and nutrition advice will give him the edge, as well as a bit of motivation from fellow Project 26.2 runners.

Steve's blog

Boston Marathon
Thursday, 18 April, 2013 I was hoping to use this piece to describe how I conquered my 2.45 target on a gloriously verdant spring day in Massachusetts but that seems largely irrelevant at the end of a tumultuous week that began with the world’s most prestigious road race...
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The final countdown
Wednesday, 10 April, 2013 Week 14 of 16. I knew the training would fly past but even so the big day feels like it has crept up on me very quickly...
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Cambridge Half
Monday, 18 March, 2013 The Project 26.2 circus rolled into Cambridge for the half-marathon at the weekend and it was the first opportunity I have had to properly benchmark my fitness since I started the project...
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Running and cakes
Friday, 8 March, 2013 For a good race you need a few vital ingredients: Good organisation, friendly atmosphere, reasonable entry fees, a scenic course and some home-baked cakes at the end...
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Marathon dreams
Friday, 22 February, 2013 I had a weird dream last week. I was late to the start of the marathon...
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Picking up the pace
Monday, 11 February, 2013 I was looking at my training plan the other day and in amongst the endless array of minutes and miles I was thinking, if I strip away all the tempos, hills and planks it all basically comes down to a very simple premise...
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Part 2: Seen on the run
Monday, 4 February, 2013 I think Margaret Thatcher used to live down here in one of the little side roads somewhere...
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Part 1: Seen on the run
Friday, 1 February, 2013 One of the often over looked pleasures of running is the opportunity it offers to explore your local surroundings...
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Restless Legs
Thursday, 17 January, 2013 Sometimes people ask me ‘How’s the training going?’ or ‘How’s your running?’ I tend to play it down a bit because no one wants to hear me being all virtuous about how fresh I feel after a hard threshold session...
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Project PB
Friday, 4 January, 2013 Having done a couple of marathons before I know that date is going to creep up on me very quickly so I’ll be using this blog to keep you up to date with my training progress...
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Steve explains why he appplied to Project 26.2


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