The running bug

Ryan Phillips Friday, 4 January, 2013 So, I suppose you’re all wondering what first sparked my interest in trying on my wife’s underwear while she was out. Well as far back as I can remem.... Ooops sorry that’s the start of a very different blog I’m this is what awkward feels like? Well guys and girls, now that’s broken the ice I best get cracking on what will hopefully be the first of many blog’s from now until race day. Firstly let me introduce myself, my name is Ryan Phillips I’m 28 from Grimsby. I’m fantastically supported by my whole family, but especially my wife Jemma and our two strange but wonderful children, Harley, 5 and Gracie, 4 (Going on 21 judging by her recent attitude change).   Be the best   I suppose my first foray into the world of exercise was when I joined the army at 16, I wasn’t really an overly active child so joining the military was a slight shock to the system. As I’m sure you can imagine the running wasn’t so much shorts, technical t-shirt and trainers but more like “Here are your heavy combat trousers, some ridiculously uncomfortable boots and a 5lb helmet.... oh and a 50lb backpack too... now go!”  After 10 years service and deployment to countries all over the world such as Belize and Afghanistan I decided to call it a day, unfortunately shortly after leaving I suffered a prolapsed disc in my spine that required surgery which I underwent in March 2012. After a 10-12 week recovery I found I’d put on quite a bit of weight, mainly due to the many hours of sitting watching re-runs of Jeremy Kyle and Loose Women – It was a dark time!   Catching the running bug   I decided to start jogging to shift the pounds, but I soon found that I’d been bitten by a bug that I’d heard of before,  at first I thought it was a bout of swine flu or something but I’ve since found out it was the ‘Running Bug’. I was actually looking forward to my daily runs, just me, some fresh air and my iPod, I love that relaxing feeling once you’re out and in the zone, something that a lot of my more ‘actively challenged’ friends fail to understand. I now cannot imagine a life that didn’t involve running as part of my routine! When I first saw the advert for Project 26.2 I thought “Why not”, so after penning a well thought out e-mail, I put it to the back of my mind, not ever expecting to hear anything back. When I did get that golden e-mail for Danny, the editor of Men’s Running a couple of weeks later I literally thought all my Christmases had come at once and I grinned like a giddy schoolgirl for what seemed like about a week! I’m pleased to say the grin has subsided slightly and I’m no longer freaking out random people. I am genuinely very excited about the journey ahead and I will try to keep you all updated and entertained as best as I can for the next 5 months. It’s certainly going to be emotional..... LET’S DO THIS!

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     You should be very proud of yourself - i know i am very proud of you
    YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!!!!
    You should be very proud of yourself - i know i am very proud of you
    YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!!!!
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