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Ryan Phillips Wednesday, 30 January, 2013 Hello all and welcome to the latest instalment of my Project 26.2 blog. Hope you’re all well and not being affected too much by the January blues. I’m pleased to say I’ve had a very good month with regards to training in preparation for Manchester, which is coming around way too fast at the moment. The month started off with a trip to Physio & Therapy’s HQ in Teddington for a training day, or as Sheila, from the ladies team so nicely put it ‘a do’. Also attending the ‘do’ were Nick & Phoebe, Jon and Ken from Saucony, Paul Hobrough and the lovely Carys from Men’s/Women’s Running!  

Threshold session

  It was great to meet up with the guys and girls again after keeping in almost daily contact via Twitter since the photo shoot. The morning consisted of a threshold session in Bushy Park whilst also attempting to look focused and manly as the photographer, Eddie took pictures of us all running. I’d like to say it was poetry in motion but sadly was more like Dead Poets Society. After Lunch we had a great strength & conditioning lesson with Phoebe (The woman is a machine) who showed us some excellent core workouts that could be done in around 20 minutes, I must have been doing them right as my abs and glutes (Bum to you and me) were very sore the following day, not easy to explain to work colleagues why I’d returned from a trip away with a sore behind.  

Body MOT

  We also a lower body MOT by Paul and his team which showed weak points or areas to work on in a clever traffic light type coding system. Thankfully there were more green areas than red and it turns out my ‘Glutes’ could do with slightly more work and my big toe doesn’t bend back as far as it should, and apart from the intermittent shin pain I was fairly happy with that. The rest of the day consisted of some very useful seminars on essentials like race nutrition, kit and some basic race strategies. Things were going swimmingly until Paul entered and as he had some spare time, kindly offered to... ‘Strip out my shin’. Now if I had a list of things I’d least like to happen to me, the I’m pretty sure having my shin ‘stripped out’ would rank fairly high, along with a lobotomy and perhaps meeting  Jedward. But as I didn’t want muscle fibres that resemble Bob Marley’s dreadlocks I reluctantly agreed.  All joking aside Paul and his team are excellent at what they do and although it was painful during, I immediately felt the benefits, and if I’m to make it to Manchester in peak condition then I’ll have to endure a fair few more. I’ve now made it a goal to have at least 2 a month. We also received a huge goodie bag from Saucony filled with some of the best winter running kit on the market, a particular favourite is the Sonic HDX ViziPro jacket with led piping on the front and rear, it really helps with the whole ‘trying not to get run over’ game and somehow manages to keep you cool and warm at the same time! Can’t recommend it enough! I’ve also just received my latest 2 week programme from Nick and training is really starting to kick on from here onwards. There’s still a couple of easy runs, mainly for recovery but there are more ‘quality’ sessions included as we start to build on the base we have created so far. A typical week now includes 2 threshold sessions, an example being 1 mile warm up, 6 min at threshold, 6 x 2 min at 5k pace, 6 min at threshold and 1 mile cool down, that will get the heart pumping, a x-train session and a long run, around 14-15 miles on a Sunday at the minute but that will rise as the weeks progress. It is starting to get challenging but the ‘feel good factor’ you get after a good session is amazing and I have to say, I love marathon training!! Anyway that’s all for now folks so until next time.... Take it easy...Not too easy mind ;-)       Follow on twitter @Philly3719.


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