New marathon target time

Ryan Phillips Tuesday, 2 April , 2013
I read this week that the average marathon runner doesn’t reach their peak until they hit their mid-thirties – yet another fantastic thing about this great sport. That means I have another 7-8 years until I should be running at my optimum levels. Amazing! I’ve been looking back this week and thinking what a difference a year makes – almost exactly a year ago I was laid up in Hull Royal Infirmary having undergone fairly major surgery to have a ruptured disc in my spine removed, barely being able to contemplate when I would be able to walk un-aided. Fast forward 12 months and I’m staring down the barrel of my first marathon – feeling as fit and strong as I’ve ever done before – the human body really is a phenomenal thing! One of the great things about being a runner and training hard is that you can constantly change your goals the more you progress. When I started this project, I sat down with Nick and we agreed that a realistic goal was to run Manchester in around 3:30 – 3:45, at the time this seemed to be at the upper end of what I thought I could achieve. After recent events and considering how well training seems to be going, Nick and I have agreed that 3:15 – 3:20 now seems achievable, if I can come close to that on race day then I’ll be absolutely thrilled! Training this past couple of weeks has been really good and I can literally feel the legs, heart and lungs get stronger with each session. This has been a key phase of the training plan, the threshold sessions have gotten faster, the long runs longer and I’m loving every minute. This Sunday saw me hit my longest run to date when I ran just under 23 miles in my 3 hour LSR – the last 60 minutes of this were at 3:15 marathon pace and it felt great to have the ability to increase the pace to what was previously my ‘speed session pace’ having already ran 15 miles. I’ve recently started incorporating ice baths into my routine following a hard session in an attempt to speed up the recovery process – Mark swears by them and they’re good enough for a fine gentleman like him then I figured I best give them a whirl. I have to say when you first climb in it is feels like thousands of tiny knives attacking every inch of your tired muscles – great hey? Luckily that only last for a few minutes and then starts to settle – the steaming mug of tea made by the lovely wife always helps – I’m finding that they do help though and the legs don’t fell nearly as bad the following day. This week we also received our Spring/Summer running kit from the fantastic Jonny Quint at Saucony along with the trainers we will be running our respective marathons in. There was some great kit with vest’s, technical t-shirts and various styles of shorts. Judging by the weather patterns we’re currently experiencing I calculate we should be able to use them around September time….. Of 2014! The clock is now ticking towards 20:45 and fast approaching my bed time (Thanks Nick) so I best sign off and get some stretches in………. Who says Rock stars have all the fun? Ciao for now! Follow on twitter @Philly3719.


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