The final countdown (and a niggle)

Ryan Phillips Friday, 22 March , 2013
Hello all, and welcome to the latest addition of my blog detailing a transition from everyday plodder to determined marathon runner. It is now getting to the stage that I can almost count the weeks until Manchester on one hand. Why of why then did the running gods (think one of them is called Alan) think this was a good time to inflict me with an injury right out of nowhere without even so much as an explanation? The week had started well with my normal recovery run after my exertions in Cambridge, until I got home that is! I started getting a dull ache in the bottom of my foot which got progressively worse to the point where I could hardly walk on it without limping heavily. I decided to take a rest day to let it ease up but awoke the next morning to find that it hadn’t eased at all, if anything it had got worse. I was now panicking and wracking my brain trying to remember if I’d banged or twisted it at all, I was certain I hadn’t. It was all the more strange and it wasn’t swollen or discoloured at all nor was it tender or painful to the touch. All sorts of thoughts were going through my head from “Don’t worry it’s just a bruise” to “Arrggh, I’m never going to run again”. I got in touch with our resident Physio Paul Hobrough who, after describing the symptoms and sending a picture of the affected area, diagnosed it as a Peroneal Longus tendon issue, which runs from the ankle down through the outside of the foot. He along with Nick advised me to take 4 or 5 days off running (nightmare) alongside regular icing and Ibuprofen and a deep tissue massage of the calf to release some tension that may be causing the tendon some strain. I was mightily relieved to hear that I could be back out running within a few days, with the pain I was in I had visions of being laid up for a couple of weeks. I was disappointed to be missing some key session, especially my threshold run and my LSR which I know are essential to any marathon training plan. After a couple of days of what seemed like having an ice pack permanently glued to my foot the pain had started to subside, the massage seemed to help too and I was able to walk with almost no pain. I’ve now completed 2 x 45 minute runs with no pain at all and have been given the go ahead to resume my training programme, which I’m thrilled about. There really is nothing more frustrating than being unable to do the thing you love – unfortunately niggles and injuries come with the territory of being a runner and it’s all about how you manage them and come out the other end stronger for it! With this in mind I’ve this week brought myself a road racing bike with an indoor trainer attachment, which will enable me to effectively cross train whatever the weather – It’ll also aid me in my eventual goal to complete a triathlon late this year or early next year. I should probably get my debut marathon out of the way first but you have to have goals eh? I’ve also had to slightly re-arrange my programme this week and do my 2:45 run on Saturday morning (5am start L) as opposed to Sunday, as I’ll be travelling down to Wembley stadium to watch my local team Grimsby Town play in the Carlsberg FA Trophy final against Wrexham FC – all from the comforts of a very well equipped and luxurious press box! Well someone has to do it eh ;-) Hopefully the next blog will include my account of a triumphant day for the Mighty Mariners in the nation’s capital – if not at least I’ll be able to run off the depression! Until next time – Take care! Follow on twitter @Philly3719.


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