Train Sensible

Ryan Phillips Monday, 21 January, 2013 Training for me began in earnest in early December when I received my first 4 weeks worth of training from Nick, along with a running guide and some key core exercises, apparently our core is the wobbly bit around the middle (not for much longer). The programme included some varied runs which I hadn’t done before such as threshold, progression and recovery runs. Up until now my running plan had consisted of running a set route as fast as I could, 5 or 6 days a week. I now know that all that was achieving was teaching my body to run that route at that pace and if I was to progress as a runner I would need to mix it up. The threshold sessions I really enjoyed, I liked the feeling of running at ‘controlled discomfort’. Where I did struggle was the recovery/easy runs. Being in the military you are taught to give your all in everything you do, so to go out and still have plenty in the tank was a foreign concept to me. I was now having to change my built in mindset of ‘Train Hard, Fight Easy’ to more of a ‘Train Sensible’ approach. I’m now starting to get the hang of it but a lot of my early runs were a battle between the little soldier inside telling me to “Stop being weak and get a move on” and the little Borrower’s version of Nick and Phoebe perched on my shoulder telling me to “take it easy”, thankfully Nick & Phoebe prevailed most of the time.  

A shin of bother

  Around mid December I started to get some considerable shin pain so immediately sought the advice of our Physio Paul Hobrough. He gave me some stretches to do and advised to find a local Sports Therapist and get a sports massage. He also advised that I take a week off running and concentrate on cross training. I’d heard people say that these sports massage’s hurt but being a typical man thought ‘how bad can it be?’... turns out, pretty damn bad! I found myself in the living room of the assistant Physio of my local football team Grimsby Town, whilst he dug his thumbs, knuckles, maybe even his elbows at one point into my left calf. I can honestly say I’ve never felt pain like it, it was like he was torturing me for information, and I wanted to give it to him I just didn’t know what it was. As bad as it was though it was all totally worth it and I felt the benefit immediately when I returned to running.  I also took a trip to my local Up & Running store in York to get my Gait analysed. I was met by lovely and very knowledgeable guy called Andy who took me though the whole process. I came away with a great new pair of Saucony Guide 5’s which have really helped with the shin pain. Thankfully training is now back on track and I managed to get through the festive period with no problems. I really recommend to any runner to have their Gait Analysis done, it’s amazing what difference the right trainers can make and the guys at Up & Running are fantastic at what they do and can offer advice on all things when it comes to running. What are you waiting for? I’ve also recently decided to raise some money while I’m training for my son’s Special School, They do an absolutely fantastic job and you can read a little more about them and why I’ve decided to fund raise for them at my Just Giving page: Alternatively you can pledge via text message which is securely provided by Vodafone, just text RYLP99 then a space and an amount you wish to donate to 70070, its quick, simple and free of charge. Thanks for reading people and until next time..... Keep on Running! Follow on twitter @Philly3719.


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