Bring it on Manchester

Ryan Phillips Monday, 18 February, 2013
Only 73 days away from one of the biggest challenges in my life, and after just 10 weeks of training I feel I’m starting to get to a place where I can say ‘Bring it on Manchester’. Training has gone really well over the last couple of weeks since my last blog, Nick has knocked the programme up a notch and now involves more threshold and 5k pace sessions designed to build up speed and endurance. My long runs are now around the 17/18 mile mark and I can honestly say I love every single one of them, you just can’t replicate that sense of achievement and euphoria you get when you’ve finished a particularly strenuous session.  

Why run

  This past 2 weeks I’ve really started to feel like a runner and I’ve found myself asking “Why isn’t everybody doing it?” – the benefits running gives you, in both mind and body are incredible and I struggle to understand why more people don’t do it. This sport is unlike many others where you may have to be particularly talented or skilled to take part, with running all you need is a decent pair of trainers and away you go. Well actually you’ll probably want some clothes as well, not everybody is into the whole ‘Back to nature’ thing and you may get some complaints, but aside from that ANYONE can do it, hell our bodies are designed to do it. Regardless of gender, age, colour, sexual orientation, running is for everybody, whether you’re a budding Mo Farah or an aspiring Mo Slater! I understand that many of you reading this blog will probably have an interest in running already and I’m probably preaching to the converted, so why not grab a friend the next time you go for a gentle run and I defy them not to feel great when they’ve finished! Now that the Norovirus is coming to an end why not try and spread the ‘running bug’ around and get more people doing this fantastic sport. That’s the political campaign type rallying call out of the way ;-)  

Park Run PB

  Since my last blog I’ve managed to achieve a new PB, I ran the Coventry Park Run last weekend and finished in a time of 19:27 which I was ecstatic about, especially considering the condition as it had been snowing for about an hour beforehand so it was really quite slippery underfoot meaning having to slow down considerably at corners – yet more evidence that training is paying off – Sub 19 next month hopefully! I’m currently half way through an ‘easy’ week in the programme which incorporates a lot of 45 minute ish recovery runs and lots of stretching/core work! For those of you that don’t know you should try an include an ‘easy’ week every 4-5 weeks during marathon training to give your body a chance to rest and recuperate whilst still staying active, you’ll really feel the benefits once your real training starts again. Just a couple of thank you’s before I go – Firstly to Raph at High5 for the mountain of awesome nutritional products sent through this week. The chocolate protein recovery shake is now a mainstay of my diet and the zero tablets are an absolute godsend! I also received a great new pair of Mirage 3’s from the great guys at Saucony (Jonny & Ken). They really are good and combine the lightweight feel of a racing shoe with all the support and stability you need for your longer runs! And the best bit is that they’re a really cool shade of ref with yellow laces so it looks like my feet are on fire when I’m running! That’s all for now folks – Thanks for reading! Ryan ;-)       Follow on twitter @Philly3719.


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