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Ray SieveyMonday, 13 February, 2012
Hello again. Before I continue with this week, I did mention in my blog two weeks ago that I would mention last week about the effects of the ice bath. But as I forgot, I will now mention them this week. Still with me? I can report as a result of having my ice bath after my 15 miler, I can confirm that it did seem to have a positive effect and my legs definitely felt fresher on the Monday than previous Monday's after long runs. So there you have my scientific findings!This week I was granted an easy week by Nick. Monday was my now customary yoga class. Tuesday was a recovery run. So I went out with my club (Petts Wood Runners), but went with a different group and did just under 4.5 miles at an average pace of 10:51 and it was good to have a chat with some other club members that I have not met before. I think this is one advantage of joining a running club, there will more often than not be a group that you can run with whatever your standard. At PWR there are 7 different groups on a Tuesday night. It was another bitterly cold night, about -4. So when I got home I had a monkey bath. Now you probably know about ice baths but possibly not about monkey baths. A monkey bath is where you fill the bath up with water that is about one degree hotter than it really should be. You stand in the water and think 'bugger that is hot' and then you start to lower yourself into the water, this is where you start going 'Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh' just like a monkey and then there is a big OOOH just as your knackers touch the water. When you get out you are usually lobster red! Here endeth the lesson.Wednesday was a core condition session. Thursday I did a progression run, 10 mins easy, 10 mins steady, 10 mins threshold. I ended up doing just under 4.5 miles in 37 mins. Thursday night was reserved for a sports massage. Paul Hobrough (Physio & Therapy) had spent a lot of time earlier in the week trying to find me a suitable Sports Masseur. I just have to take the opportunity to thank Paul, as you will probably see from other blogs, he is spending a lot of time with us, despite having his existing clients and business to deal with. Anyway, if you were in Bromley on Thursday night you might have heard me wimpering. I did some research when I got home.Dictionary definitions:Massage - The rubbing or kneading of parts of the body especially to aid circulation, relax the muscles, or provide sensual stimulation.Assault - An unlawful threat or attempt to do bodily injury to another.I can tell you, at some points I'm not sure if the line was crossed or not. But Paul and Nick said it will do me good, so I will back for more GBH, I mean massage next week.Saturday I did the Bromley Parkrun with the temperature showing as -8!!Sunday I was taking part in the Sidcup 10, the first of my SOGEF runs (see here for more info re SOGEF http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/RAYCV). Despite a light dusting of snow in the morning, it was not enough to stop the race going ahead, but the light freezing rain was a nice touch as the runners waited to start. The run was a 3 lap course and after running for 5 minutes, I saw the 7 mile marker, alas that was only relevant two laps later. As I approached mile 5, I was lapped by the leader who had just gone through mile 8 in fact as I went past the left hand turn to the final straight, one of the Marshalls was shouting "finishers turn left here", I just muttered back "I wish". However, I was pleased with my time of 1:20:22 with an average moving pace of 8:05m/mile.Only 10 weeks today until the big day!Until next weekThe Hippo


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