The numbers game

Ray SieveyMonday, 6 February, 2012
This week my Sub4 running gear has a very apt name! Monday I started off in the warmth of the gym doing my (now weekly) yoga class and once again I had to look on in awe at the strength and agility of not only the instructor but also some of the other people in the class. I am comforted to know that as long as I keep up my weekly yoga, in 12 years’ time I might be half as good as them.Tuesday was a progression run, starting off easy and then upping the pace every 15 minutes. I managed to cover 6.5 miles in 55mins and it was a pleasant, if not bloody cold run along Regent’s Canal.Wednesday, I was volunteering at The Bridge Academy in Hackney to help students prepare for work experience. This was a thoroughly enjoyable day and I finished the day off with a core workout at the gym.Thursday’s planned run from Nick was a 75-80 min run to include 3 x 15 min blocks at marathon pace (MP). I went out in the evening and I think I started off a bit quickly, probably because the mercury was showing minus figures. Nevertheless, I was feeling good and enjoying the tougher workout and I managed 9.6miles averaging 8:16 m/mile. Way quicker than my envisaged MP. Nick will probably tell me off! Anyway the gods decided to punish me for not listening to Nick, as my run came to an abrupt stop (hence the 9.6 mile distance) as I slipped on ice and in the process of trying to stay upright (which I achieved) I felt a twinge in my hamstring.This meant that I had to miss my first scheduled run of my training since I started Project 26.2, so I rested for 2 days.Sunday was a scheduled long run. I only did a 7.5mile run. a) because I didn’t want to overdo it because of my hamstring twinge and b) because of the conditions, I didn’t want to tempt fate too much and risk another injury. But said conditions begged to be run in. The pic below shows my fellow Petts Wood Runners who also braved the conditions (some of whom did 16 miles).Ray snow feb 2012To finish, I thought I would review some numbers in ascending order. Data correct as at 8pm 05/02/2012-5 - The temperature it was for one of my early morning runs0 - The number of alcoholic drinks I have had this year.2 - The number of yoga sessions I have done this year.9 - Number of my fellow Project 26.2ers, the Spartans and the GIRLS.15 - Distance in miles of my furthest run since 1999.22:18 - My PB for the 5K Parkrun.31 - The number of pounds I have lost in weight since starting training on 1st August 2011.76 - Days until the London Marathon.135 - The number of miles that I ran in January.187 - Followers on Twitter.600 - The suggested word limit for my weekly blog (I think, only achieved once; this week).898.40 - The amount I have raised so far for the MS Trust.2480 - My race number for the Brighton Half Marathon.2620 - My fundraising target for the MS Trust.15,424 - Number of calories burnt in January while running.Until next weekThe Hippo


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