A lesson learned

Ray Sievey Tuesday, 3 April, 2012
This is my last long run week before my taper begins and in all honesty, I am looking forward to the taper. I have felt slightly jaded this week. I think it is a culmination of being busy at work, the training overall and also the fact that I ran hard last Sunday to achieve my half marathon PB. I now have three easier weeks before the big day. I am talking about the marathon; I am not getting married again. Monday, I did a gentle 2-mile jog in the evening. Tuesday, I managed 7.5 miles at lunchtime with 2 x 4-3-2-1 interval sessions. This entails running for 4 minutes, 3 minutes, etc, with a 90 second rest between each interval and progressively getting faster as the time decreases. This was a tough, but good workout, made all the better by the sunshine and that I was running along Regents Canal which was far nicer than running around the city. Thursday morning I ran into work (10 miles) and this is where I felt pooped all day. I had my sports massage in the evening, which was very welcome. I had a rest day Friday, although no day is a rest day as far as the training schedule goes, as I am either doing stretching or core conditioning routines. I also had a slight worry about if I would be able to make it to my planned Sunday run. There were no trains running early enough and due to the Government’s clever way of getting a quick influx of £32m (I love a conspiracy theory), my car’s petrol gauge was on red, and so were most of the petrol pumps in the whole of Bromley. Fortunately, the missus queued and managed to fill the car up. Saturday I ran at Bromley Parkrun. Sunday, I had to get up at silly o’clock as I was running in the Kingston Breakfast Run, which started at 8:25am. So I was up at 5:30am and this is where I learnt my first lesson. For all of my other runs I have made sure I have had a bowl of porridge (slow release carbs). This morning I had a couple of breakfast bars and despite having a couple of malt loaf en-route, during the run I actually felt hungry. Lesson One: Eat a decent breakfast. I know this and have done for every other long run. Ray you fool! I arrived at Kingston in plenty of time and met up with a couple of mates, Beau and Fozzy. Beau is also running the London Marathon. Whilst we were waiting around the start, Beau mentioned that he had bought his trainers yesterday. I said he was brave and that he should have broken them in first, rather than kicking off with a 16 mile run. Ironically this is where lesson two was learned. I have done the majority of my training in Mizuno Wave Rider 14 trainers. Courtesy of Up & Running I have received a pair of Saucony Triumph 9 trainers. After wearing these a couple of times I ran the Sidcup10 mile and my feet hurt. So I presumed that they weren’t quite suited. I decided recently to buy another pair of shoes, and this time went for the Mizuno Enigma. I had worn these three or four times and for the 10-mile run on Thursday. But during the run, I had to stop a few times to literally take my feet out of my running shoes, to relieve the pressure and hot spots I was experiencing. The last mile or so my form was seriously being affected. Oh and as far as I know, Beau didn’t have any trouble with his new trainers! Lesson Two: Shoes really need to be broken in well, before going for a long run. I will be sticking with my Wave Riders for the Marathon. I completed the 16 miles in 2:13:25. Nick had suggested that I do another three miles afterwards, which was the plan until I ended up like I was running in hobnail boots which is also a shame as the course was lovely, along the Thames and past Hampton Court. During the run I managed to see the editor of Women’s Running magazine, she was busy taking photos and looked a bit shocked when I bellowed ‘Hello Chris!’ I am sure a lot of runners will agree, although some might not even admit it, but it is nice to get a medal at the end of the run. I was a bit disappointed to receive a mug! However the goodie bag was tremendous with all sorts of goodies and food and drink, there was even a present I could give the wife when I got home (Burts Bees Shampoo and Conditioner). Whilst walking back to my car, a chap who had already finished was sitting having a coffee with friends shouted out ‘Hippo’, we had a quick chat and he even said, ‘It feels like I know you, as I have been following you in the magazine and your blogs.’ I forgot to get his name though. My climb to A-list celebrity continues... So now the taper and countdown begins. Until next week! The Hippo


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