A week of firsts

Ray SieveyTuesday, 31 January, 2012
The first of my firsts this week was yoga. I had booked on a lunchtime session on Monday and didn’t know what quite to expect. First and foremost it is bloody hard. I learnt the Cobra, the Downward Dog, Cat stretch, 1st, 2nd & Humble Warrior, well when I say I learnt, I heard the words and then I just looked on with a wry smile on my face as the majority of the class got into these positions with ease whilst I struggled to get even 10% of the way. And as for the Bird of Paradise, I think I would have to dislocate joints and break limbs to get anywhere near that. But I did enjoy the session and the instructor Marta was very helpful. With all these animal references, surely there must be a Hippo position, if not I am going to invent one! The second of my firsts was giving my new Saucony Triumph 9 trainers (courtesy of Up & Running) their maiden voyage. I took a bit of a leap of faith by wearing them for my threshold session on Tuesday (total of 6 miles), but they were very comfortable with loads of forefoot cushioning. Although flippers might have been more appropriate in the weather. The third of my firsts was using my Garmin Forerunner 610 with a workout that I created online for the aforementioned threshold run. Once over a few teething problems (press the start button Ray, you clown) it was good to be beeped at and vibrated (ooo eer missus) when the next stage was starting or I was running too fast or too slow (normally too slow). The fourth of my firsts was a proper ice bath on Sunday after my long run (15 miles). There was some twittering this week about the potential benefits of ice baths. I have in the past after a long bike ride sat in a bath of cold water. I spent the whole week filling up ice trays and then emptying the resulting pineapple shaped ice cubes into a couple of containers in the bottom of the freezer. I am writing this on Sunday evening, so will let you know next week if I felt any benefits the following day. MS Trust – London Marathon evening receptionTuesday night, I was invited to a reception hosted by the MS Trust for all the people who will be running the London Marathon for the charity. Guest speakers included a physio, nutritionists and a previous marathon fundraiser. This was an informative evening, despite me being in the privileged position of having already learnt a lot of the information from the Project 26.2 experts. There were some other pertinent points from the evening that I would like to share with you:-- The MS Trust produces almost £600,000 worth of free literature every year for patients and professionals.- Their website gets over 65,000 hits per month.- There are only 230 qualified MS nurses in the UK.- People with MS are often diagnosed in their 20s & 30s and MS is the most common cause of disability in young adults. I think one quote summed it up. ‘It takes only 10 words and 1 minute to tell somebody they have MS, but a lifetime to deal with it’.My father and younger sister, both have this (at present) incurable disease. If you would like to sponsor me to help raise funds for this worthwhile charity, please go to uk.virginmoneygiving.com/RAYCVMore info about the MS Trust can be found here www.mstrust.org.ukTrainingMy training schedule this week was very similar to last weeks, just with a bit more on the hills on Saturday. Kudos to my wife, for driving me to a long hill and then killing time whilst I ran up and down the hill. I hope these elements do not get much longer, I am running out of big hills and might have some explaining to do to the wife when I say I need her to drive me to the Swiss Alps for marathon training. Nick said this was a consolidation week before the taper for the London Marathon kicks in which sound ominous! Until next week The Hippo


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