Training for Two?

Ray SieveyMonday, 2 January, 2012
Happy New Year everybody. So here it is 2012, a great sporting year.  The Olympics, The Euro Football Championships and the year that the Spartans and the GIRLS will be running their selected 26.2 miles! I started the New Year as I mean to go on, running; taking part in the additional NYD Bromley Parkrun. If any of you are following me on Twitter (subtle hint @JoggingHippo) you might have noticed a monumental statement from me on New Year's Day. The Hippo (that’s me), member of CAMRA, the man that has a keg and not a six-pack is going on the wagon! The next alcoholic beverage I will be consuming will be on April 22nd, hopefully to celebrate a sub-4 London Marathon. My planned training this week was very similar to week one, four runs including threshold training and hill training, plus some cycling and Pilates. I must admit that it didn’t quite go to plan due to family and football commitments. But I still managed a 60 min easy(ish) run, a 45 min run with threshold elements, a 45 min run with hill sessions and a bit of cross training. Now the festivities are over there are no excuses. So training for two? Don’t worry I am not pregnant, although some of my mates might say I look like I have been pregnant for years. It is not only me that is in training, my little boy has now started his toilet training. I am now the ‘proud’? owner of a double seated toilet seat. Day one saw 17 visits to the toilet without any final action. I think I might record these shuttle runs as part of my training log. This week also saw the February editions of the Men’s Running and Women’s Running hit the shelves, not the top shelves you understand. The Spartans and the GIRLS can now be found in the Health & Fitness section of WH Smiths and other retailers. I have to smile when I think about this, me in the health and fitness section! So next week, Project 26.2 goes up a gear which includes a training day where all the guys and girls will be put through our paces by Nick and Phoebe and we will also be meeting our Physio Paul Hobrough, who I am sure will tell me that my running style is akin to a three-legged camel. Despite this, I am really looking forward to the day and will update you all next week about the pleasures and pains. Finally, as I type this there are 111 days until the London Marathon, so as well as my target of a sub-4 marathon, I also have a target for my charity, the MS Trust. I have decided to aim for £2620 (a mere £100 per mile). If you would like to sponsor me you can via Cheers The Hippo


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