Cats, pigs, hippos and badgers

Ray Sievey Tuesday, 27 March, 2012
It’s been a strange week this week, from a running perspective anyway. After my 20 miler on Sunday, I went out for a gentle two-mile run Monday evening just to loosen me up and to continue loosening up my recently purchased Mizuno Enigma trainers. I had to pay for these ones, but still got a discount from Up & Running! For the rest of the week, basically the training plan went out of the window. I was meant to go out with my running club Tuesday night and was meant to have an interval session on Thursday, I even missed my sports massage Thursday night. In fact the next time I ran was Friday lunchtime where I went for a run with a couple of mates from work and ran a gentle 6.5 miles. Saturday, I was planning on doing the Bromley Parkrun, but again this didn’t materialise as I had lots of stuff to do in the morning. So, Sunday morning, I awoke at 6am or was it 7am? Damn you, clocks going forward! Anyway, I had scheduled an 8am departure time, but there are two types of training that just can’t be synchronised, training for a Marathon and potty training. So once my little boy had done his wee wee on his potty, we finally left at about 8:20am (After the high-fives (hands washed of course) and my little boy adding a sticker to his chart) Fortunately, we got to Fleet in plenty of time for the half marathon. Because of my unplanned rest week and because this half marathon was sandwiched between two long run weeks, I had consciously made the decision to go for a sub 1:40. Once again, if Nick my coach is reading this, he will probably be cringing! I knew that I needed to be below a 7:38m/mile average to achieve that and after my previous negative split run for my 20 miler, I was considering whether to do the same. But I knew the second half of the race would probably have to be run at pretty much my absolute limit, so decided just to go for it from the off. I am delighted to report that I achieved my goal and managed 1:38:46 I was beaming like the proverbial Cheshire Cat afterwards, well a knackered Cheshire Cat anyway. Once I met back up with my wife and little boy, he was also beaming. I asked was it because he had saw Daddy running? Alas, it was not. He was more excited about seeing the bloke dressed up as Peppa Pig running. Pig 1, Hippo 0. We then had a nice afternoon and late lunch, meeting up with one of my mates ‘Badger’ and his wife and their 5-week-old boy. Despite being a tiring run, due to the heat and me pushing it, the support was fantastic and I lost count of the number of “Go on Hippo” shouts. In fact a bloke who was running next to me at one point commented “I wish I had got my name on my top” So, now it time for me to get my feet back on the ground, (literally) re-focus and concentrate on my ultimate goal of the sub-four Marathon, so I won’t be going at that pace again, unless of course, Nick has some interval sessions planned for me. Until next week The Hippo


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