Tengo de sobrepeso

Ray Sievey Monday, 27 February, 2012
For the linguists amongst you, you will know that the title of this week’s blog translates to ‘I am overweight’ well I think it does? The reason for Spanish, well I ran the Barcelona Half Marathon on Sunday, more on that later. A strange title you may think, but I am happy to say that I am overweight. Now you are probably thinking either A) Ray we know you are or B) he has lost his marbles. Let me explain. Recently I have had a few comments along the lines of “you are looking well” which as we all know translates to “blimey you have lost weight you fat git” As I have mentioned in a previous blog, in August last year I was in the 17st bracket (17st 3lb), two weeks ago, I made it into the 14st bracket (14st 13lb). Last week I weighed in at 14st 11lb. Using the BMI charts, I have been obese for the last 6 or 7 years, but now I officially overweight, I know these charts can be taken with a pinch of salt, but still a momentous occasion for me! I am hoping that come 22 April, I will be in the 13st bracket? Right, back to running. After the Brighton Half last Sunday, I was given an easy three days from Nick, with some gentle recovery runs and stretching. Thursday was a short sharp shock though with multiple threshold and 10k pace elements with only 2 mins rest between each a tough work out for thoroughly enjoyable running in the spring sunshine along Regents Canal. Plus the legs got a bit of TLC in the evening with a gentle sports massage. Friday was a rest day, but as my wife and I and my little boy had to get up at 3am to fly to Barcelona, it hardly felt like a rest day! We arrived early morning and after checking in at our hotel made our way to the place where I had to pick up my number which to my surprise had my name on it!!  Ray 27 feb 2012 Saturday, we did a bit of a recce to work out where my wife would go so she and my little boy would see me during the race (The plan worked, as they saw me 3 times) this was followed by the ideal preparation for a half marathon (sic), walking round Barcelona Z00 for 5 hours (well worth a visit by the way) I found a great pasta place for a carbo loading meal Saturday evening. Sunday morning I was up early to catch a couple of tubes to the Arc de Triomf (still in Spain by the way, not France). There was a tremendous buzz around the place, beautiful sunny morning, 12,500 runners from all over the world and to top it all after a couple of minutes they started blasting out one of my favourite tunes over the Tannoy, Don’t Stop Me Now by Queen! I have now decided to buy one of those iphone arm holders now, so I can take some photos immediately before and after a race, oh and call the Mrs if need be if we have difficulty meeting up. Race organisation was spot on and despite my Spanish being limited to ‘Hola’ & ‘La Quenta per favor’ I easily found my way to my starting area, I had a blue number, there was big blue ball0ons to mark the area. For a moment, I thought I might be in the area reserved for people whose name ends in the letter O, I saw Alberto, Diego, Pedro, Sergio & Gonzalo but then I saw a José, so felt a bit more comfortable and to be honest Hippo ends in O! The race started with a ticker tape explosion. The course is great, massive wide roads and avenues and only one tiny hill (over a bridge at about mile 10). Being European, the distance markers are all in kms. I much prefer miles, 4 miles to go seems to sound better than 6.5kms to go. If you have ever been to Barcelona, you will know that graffiti seems to be a common past time, so much so that despite the distance markers being put out late Saturday night, I had to chuckle when I saw that the 17km sign had been graffitied. I was under instructions from Nick to run slower than the previous week, but was finding this difficult due to atmosphere (drumming bands every few kms), so my pacing was a bit all over the place and I finished in 1:50:30. I then had a gentle 2 mile jog warm down to go and meet my my wife (Nick’s instructions, although he did say 3 miles)  Ray 2 27 feb 2012 We then sat in the sun at a local café and just relaxed (obviously after I had done some stretching first) A great weekend and I will be going back again next year. In fact I am thinking of starting ‘Hippos Half Marathon Tours’ I can recommend a great hotel, know a great pasta place for a pre run meal and can help you get your number beforehand and advise the best place for families and friends to stand! Until next week The Hippo


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