Why am I doing this?

Ray Sievey Tuesday, 17 April, 2012
For those that have been reading my blogs, you will know by now that they are usually light hearted and some bits completely irrelevant to running. This blog is still going to be irrelevant to running (kind of) and a bit more serious. I started penning this blog a few weeks back when I read fellow Project 26.2er and Spartan Mark’s @MCurtissmo blog of 12th March. He included the following couple of sentences… ‘The other two ladies were happy and smiley and we got to meet Ray’s wife and little lad Max. I smiled as Ray’s wife introduced him and I remembered why I was doing all of this.’ This got me thinking about why I am actually running the London Marathon? I must admit that the journey, the support I have received from all involved on Project 26.2, family and friends, all the events I have done has been a blast and I have thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of the journey. I obviously have a personal target of doing a sub-4 marathon as well, but the ultimate aim is to raise funds for the Multiple Sclerosis Trust! If you have been following me since the beginning of my journey you may know the reasons why, if you do not, I will enlighten you. Both the Old Man and my younger sister suffer from Multiple Sclerosis, despite there being no evidence that the disease is hereditary. My dad has progressive MS, which means his body is constantly under attack. My sister has remitting/relapsing so the disease attacks her sporadically. The simplest way to describe MS is as follows: Think of your spinal cord as a TV cable, copper on the inside protected by a plastic sheath. The MS disease attacks the sheath so the copper becomes exposed which affects the signal being sent through the cable. To compound the misery, as the body tries to repair itself the scar tissue that forms in turn also damages the copper wire as well. So basically your brain is sending messages, but they just don’t get through. My dad is proud man and he probably won’t thank me for typing this, but I want people to know how MS can affect people. My dad used to be a marathon runner himself, he is now virtually wheelchair bound. To walk 5 metres, takes him 10 minutes, having to use crutches and walk backwards as he physically cannot lift his feet, a kind of a moonwalk but without the crutch grabbing (sorry I did only say a ‘bit’ more serious) At home a through floor lift has been installed, so he can get up and down stairs in the wheelchair. All we need is some dry ice and we can reproduce ‘Stars in Your Eyes’. Incidentally, my little boy thinks this is very cool as Granddad comes through the ceiling of the dining room.  My sister has to walk with a stick and will admit that she has become a lot more forgetful. But the disease doesn’t only affect my dad & sister. My mum is in affect a full time carer. So as you can see the disease has had a profound affect on the whole family. I am not typing this as a sob story, I just want people to know why I am running the marathon and why I am running for the MS Trust. More info on the MS Trust can be found here www.mstrust.org.uk If you would like to sponsor me you can via here uk.virginmoneygiving.com/RAYCV Even if you don’t want to sponsor me, you may know somebody else who is running a marathon for another charity that is close to your or their heart. Charities rely on big events such as the London marathon to raise much needed funds. I know times are hard, but try and spare a few quid to reward all the time and effort that these people are putting in to get round 26.2 miles so that their chosen charity can benefit. A quick update on the week. I did my last long(ish) run on Sunday, 9 miles, also I did 6 miles Tuesday evening with my running club and ran Bromley Parkrun on Saturday. I’m still stretching daily and doing my core workouts. Am I ready? As ready as I am going to be! Couple of gentle runs this week, but hydration, sleep and carbo-loading are the main targets. Hopefully my next blog will include the sentence ‘I achieved a sub-4 marathon’? Until next week The Hippo


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     I think you are nailed on for a sub 4. Hope it all goes to plan.
    I think you are nailed on for a sub 4. Hope it all goes to plan.
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