The wallowing hippo

Ray SieveyMonday, 19 December, 2011
Hello. Let me introduce myself. I am Ray AKA the @JoggingHippo. Why the hippo? Well, a long time ago I was playing in a Sunday morning football game in monsoon conditions. After going in for a sliding tackle, it was commented that I looked like a wallowing hippo. The rest as they say is history. Why jogging? Er, surely I don’t need to explain that.So, I have been picked for Project 26.2. I can’t believe it, my wife couldn’t believe it, my mum and dad couldn’t believe it, my mates couldn’t... I think you get the picture.Monday 5th December was the start of the project. Meet up for a photo shoot, interview with Danny (Men’s Running editor), talks with a High5 rep regarding nutrition and have a chat with the coaches re my training plan.Now before I go on, a comment re: the coaches Nick & Phoebe. Well, Phoebe. I was looking at Phoebe thinking, "I’m sure I know you from somewhere." (Yeah that old chestnut Ray, "haven’t I seen you somewhere before?”). When I got home, I said to my wife, “I am sure one of our coaches is a nurse on one of those hospital programmes, if not she is a dead ringer or her twin sister”. Lo and behold, after some extensive research (the website), I confirmed that Phoebe was in Holby City!Anyway, I met the other lads and lasses who are taking part in Project 26.2, and they are a thoroughly nice bunch, although I think we are all mad in our own way. As I suspected, I am the token fat bloke in the group. We have already been e-mailing and tweeting each other and I look forward to meeting up with them at our training day and following their progress.The icing on the cake was the High5 nutritional supplements and the Garmin610 that we all received. Cheshire Cat springs to mind! My training started on August 1 (before I even knew about Project 26.2), when to be honest I struggled to run two miles without stopping. Since then I have slowly been building up the miles. To date I have now taken part in 12 Park Run’s (the free weekly 5k runs) and have also completed three 10Ks and a 15K event. I have also joined my local running club, Petts Wood Runners. Work permitting; I go out every Tuesday evening for a group run.Last week I did my longest run since 1999, running 10 miles into work. Despite being soaked, I felt pretty good. My feelgood factor was quickly deflated. Having gone into one of the shower rooms at work and getting undressed, I then discovered the shower wasn’t working. Cue putting wet running gear back on and having to wait for another shower to become free!Please check back on a weekly basis, to find out how I am getting on and see if I have bumped into any other Holby City stars.Finally, I should say that my Project 26.2 is next year’s Virgin London Marathon. I am running for the MS Trust. If you would like to sponsor me (and find out about my SOGEF) please go to my Virgin Money Giving page Hippo


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