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Ray Sievey Tuesday, 10 April, 2012
A bit of a shorter blog this week. Not much running to write about. This week was my first week of tapering, which I am kind of thankful for, mainly because I have been ill for most of the week and have only managed a couple of runs. I was ill on Monday with a stomach bug, but managed to go out Tuesday night with Petts Wood Runners, in fact I was asked to lead one of the groups! Project 26.2 has now officially turned me into a runner; maybe I will need to change my Twitter name from JoggingHippo to RunningHippo? I was planning on running into work (10 miles) on Thursday morning, but woke up completely bunged up, and have been suffering all weekend from a cold. In fact on Saturday/Sunday it turned into Man Flu, so I started to write a will, just in case. I have also managed to tweak my back after my special cross training day on Friday which involved swimming, soft play and running around the park with my boy all day. Saturday morning I forced myself out to run Bromley Parkrun and despite not feeling great, was only 10 seconds behind my PB, so again it kind of proves how the Project 26.2 training has transformed my fitness. Sunday, I didn’t know what to do with myself as for the last eight weeks I had been running in an official event. I am just glad that I didn’t have one planned for this week, as I know my heart would have ruled my head and I would have probably run despite not being well. But to be honest, the issues highlighted are trivial compared to some of my fellow Project 26.2 runners. I will not go into exact details, as I am sure they have their own story to tell via their blogs. But I discovered that two of the girls might not be able to run their chosen marathons. I can assure you, when I found out this info I was truly gobsmacked. At the time of writing I don’t know whether they will be running or not, but if they don’t, I will be gutted. I think the 10 of us on Project 26.2 have built up a good bond. Despite not seeing much of each other, we chat frequently via e-mail, Facebook and Twitter, giving each other encouragement, advice and congratulations. When Justin injured himself a while back, as well as giving him encouragement, I think most of us were on his case (we know what Justin is like) when he said he was ready to start running again, telling him to take it easy and not to rush things and think of the main goal! So if any of the other nine do not manage to complete their chosen marathons, irrespective of what I manage to achieve, it will feel a bit hollow as I know how hard everybody has worked and I want all of us to cross both the start and finish lines. I want to share my story and enjoy listening to everybody else’s. ‘All for one and one for all’ Until next week The Hippo


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