1673Ottawa Marathon

Ottawa Marathon

Ottawa Marathon - 26.05.13



Sponges handed out to marathon and half-marathon runners

‘Pace bunnies’ used over the whole weekend

Participants who have run every Ottawa Marathon since 1975


  • Ottawa was once known as ‘brawling Bytown’ due to its violent reputation in the early 1800’s
  • Ottawa was renamed in 1955 in an attempt to improve its bawdy reputation
  • There are over 170k of running and cycle paths along the Ottawa river and Rideau Canal

ottawa-marathonThe runners’ verdict: Andrew Vincent


What were your expectations?

I was expecting it to get painful at about 30k and to get a Boston qualifying time. I’m happy to say both expectations were met.  

Highs and lows?

Lows: Realising at 3km that I had had a bit too much Gatorade on board, which resulted in a bathroom break at 7km. Highs: realizing I wasn’t going to hit the wall at 34 km and passing my pace bunny shortly thereafter.  

Best part of the course?

I loved the crowd at the War Museum at 19km, which gave a great boost before heading into Quebec. Then crossing the bridge back into Ottawa (with an amazing view of Canadian Parliament) at 26km is hard to beat for inspiration. 

Most challenging part of the course?

The Rockcliffe Parkway is bit of a grind. Good to get in a group and stick with them until Birch St.

ottawa-marathonHow was the crowd support?

The crowds are fantastic. And the volunteers also cheer you along the whole way. I felt like I had a smile on my face the whole time (although the pictures don’t totally bear that out).

Male/female ratio?

I would say pretty close to 50/50.

Any costumes?

There’s a guy who runs in a huge shoe for a charity called Sole Responsibility. There was also a family of bananas, but I think they were running another event. 

Would you do it again?

100 per cent. I love this race. 

Any tips for a first timer?

Watch the world-class 10K Saturday night for inspiration. Feed off the amazing crowd during the race. Then celebrate with a nice local micro-brew afterward.
Ottawa Marathon Festival 2014 will be held on 24-25 May 2014. For more information visit: www.runottawa.ca

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