You’ve reached a Plateau

Mark Fairbrother
Friday, 4 January, 2013 So, welcome to my first blog!  I must begin by wishing you a very healthy 2013 and look forward to sharing my journey towards the Brighton Marathon in April. I am delighted to be part of this exciting project, and join five other, equally keen, driven men as we take the road in pursuit of our individual goals. A big reason for me wanting to do this was put some structure into my training – I have be running now for 2 years, and whilst I have been ‘mostly’ disciplined, and have improved in my general fitness I have lacked structure. Each week looked the same, two mid week runs and a longish run at the weekend.....all at tempo; even on my long run I would start out slow, speed up a bit, only to lose form and pace towards the end. The first thing our coach, Nick Anderson said to me was “you’ve reached a plateau” He was spot on! And with those 4 little words, Nick has given me extra motivation to train hard.   Looking Mean   I had a fantastic day towards the end of November during the magazine photo shoot; here I got to meet the other lads (and the Women’s Running Project 26.2 girls) for the first time, whilst we shared pleasantries and small chat I think we were all a little shell shocked to be in this fortunate position (I know I was!). Now, my life as an accountant does not normally involve being asked to stare down the lens of a professional photographer being told to “look mean”..... And “more chin?!” That said, it was a brilliant day! I know the real Santa came on Dec 25, but we have been really looked after by the project sponsors - Garmin (610 GPS watch), Saucony (Shoes and Kit), High 5 (Energy Gels, Shakes, Bars, ISO Drinks) in addition to Nick (Coach) and Paul (Physio).   Training Plans   As promised my personal training plan from Nick arrived in my inbox mid Dec – first 4 weeks of Project 26.2 training! – this is it I thought, hard work to that start line now begins. As for banging on about wanting structure to my training.....well, I now have it!  - A typical week now has been – Recovery Runs Intervals sessions Threshold with efforts Progression run Hills Long Run (Plus Semi Long Mid-week) Core Strengthening & Stretching (Lots & Lots...!) You might be forgiven for wondering how I fit all this in? Well, Nick has thought of that too – I run some sessions AM (before work) and some PM. I have had to be creative and juggle around to fit around work and family and was particularly delighted to see sessions planned for Xmas Eve, Xmas Day, Boxing Day and Jan 1!   Resolutions   So to wrap up my first blog, training has got off to a great start; I’m feeling good, strong and up for this. Jan 1 brought about my NO Alcohol policy too (must admit already really looking forward to a cold Cider on April 14!) Cheers - Mark Follow on twitter @mpfaccountancy.


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