T Minus 46

Mark Fairbrother
Tuesday, 26 February, 2013
Hi runners, and welcome to my latest instalment. We bid farewell to yet another solid month of training and look toward to ‘Mental March’. It really does seem like it was only 5 minutes since I was celebrating New Year and savouring my last drop of alcohol with friends and family. The latter is an interesting one, I really enjoy a beer or three, whether it be after work with work colleagues, out celebrating a friend or family special occasion, with my dad (this one’s a real favourite of mine) OR at home watching football, golf, tennis, athletics, F1, movies, crime documentaries, news or any other excuse to pour another one. So, for someone who loves a beer, I’m honestly amazed at how easy I manage to cut it out of my ‘diet’ whilst focussing on marathon training. The big challenge will be after the marathon - will a few well deserved beers post race become a poor habit once more...I hope not. So, with only 46 days to go and the prospect of big mileage runs over the next few weeks, now is the time to start rationalising the job in hand. No good panicking and fretting over PB’s at this stage, it’s all about slowly transporting the body to be strong and ready, both physically and mentally for race day. I love the fact that my training plans from Nick Anderson come in 2 week blocks as that is the perfect time horizon to keep focussed, to a large extent I ignore the training that lies ahead and concentrate solely on the ‘live’ plans. It’s all about the little progressions with each session, each week.
Training Update
2 sessions stood out for me last week, admittedly, hard work getting through them but immediate payback as I was left feeling strong and fit. Tuesday – Had a great session, after a 5 min warm up I went into 12 mins at MP following by 2 blocks of 5 x 1 min at 5k pace, each interval was separated with 60 second recovery which was a welcome reprieve for my burning lungs! Breathing settled the last part of the session was a further 12mins again at MP. Thursday – I must admit, when the plans came through (and I saw this one) I thought Nick was confusing me with someone on like week 10 of marathon training, it then dawned on me how far me and the rest of the guys have come on this Project. The session 80 mins total including 4 x 6 minutes of continuous hills, with only 2 minute jog recoveries to break up the hill blocks. I left the negative thoughts in the house and headed out to my hill. Now, I’ve either flattened it down a bit with all the previous sessions OR my legs (and mind) are in much better shape as I felt I was moving quicker than Nick Clegg. I went at the hills hard, even visualising the impending 45 minute 2nd half of the session that lay ahead, and thought sod it I am going to get through this, one way or another!
Sports Massage
Saturday morning started off civilised with a nice 30 minute recovery run, followed by core work before heading off to see masseur Richard. He really is a great guy, a fellow marathon runner himself, so you can imagine the conversation whilst he is pummelling my muscles back to life. This was only the second time I have had a sports massage and I must say the benefits are immediate. I left feeling fresh and relaxed. Sunday – Had a great day, met up with fellow Project buddy Aaron for a 10 mile race at Ford’s Technical Centre in Basildon, Essex. So with our lovely ladies there to support us we set off for a 2.5 mile warm up which Nick had kindly plugged into our plans given that this event was in lieu of a LSR. Glad Aaron and I warmed up independently though as the race organisers had the rest of the field throwing all sorts of weird shapes. I was under strict instruction from Nick to approach the first 5 miles at MP then ‘have a go’ for the last 5, turns out I’m not very good at following instructions when in a ‘race situation’. Finished in 1:09:28. A new PB by some 4 minutes. Given that we were in Essex, I was expecting a spray tan or pedicure as a memento, so imagine my surprise when I was awarded a medal? Until next time, keep safe, train hard and stay injury free. Cheers (alcohol free) Mark   Follow on twitter @mpfaccountancy.


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