Eyes on the prize

Mark Fairbrother
Friday, 22 March , 2013
Hello guys – and welcome to my latest update. I actually can’t believe how quick this year is going; and as we find ourselves deep into March this can only mean one thing - Liverpool are unlikely to finish in the top 4.....oh, and lots of miles. Last week was no exception, heading straight out the door on Monday after my push at the Saucony Cambridge Half was tough, despite my legs actually feeling ok during the day, those first few hundred yards or so, on my easy run where grim. As always though, once I get into a comfortable stride things start to feel better, not easy, just better. Both Monday and Tuesday night sessions comprised of 45 minute easy runs with my legs welcoming this pace, around 20-30 off MP. Thursday’s session was at threshold pace - 4 x 6 mins with 2 min jog recoveries separating the intervals. I managed to hold the threshold at around 6:45m/m for each block, which is my current 10k pace so pleased with my fitness level. Had another really enjoyable sports massage on Saturday, and booked up another 4 which will see me through to the big day and 2 days after, assuming I’m able to physically get myself to the clinic! On Sunday I logged my longest run so far in my program – 2 hrs 45 mins and managed to get in 20 miles off an easy(ish) pace. I treated this run as key preparation for Marathon Day, so despite the weather I went out kitted in shorts. It makes such a huge difference to be running in shorts, not sure whether it’s the sense of freedom or the feeling of the elements hitting your bare skin, but for me, this is real running. I took 2 High 5 Isogels 15 mins before I set off, and took a further 6 out with me. The strategy was to take my first one 40 minutes in then one every 20 mins. These gels are great as you don’t need to take on any additional fluids; they go straight to work as soon as they are in your gob. One of my ultimate bug bears on long runs is the need to take a drink, of course, I know how essential taking on the correct fluids during such a distance is, but it’s just the carrying bit that I find irritating. I have a belt that straps around my waist, so the bottle is virtually in the small of my back, but for some reason I feel it affects my form. The session itself felt ok, I stuck to my fuelling plan, tried very hard to keep to my pacing plan and managed to get around 20 miles in pretty good shape. After 15 minutes sat in a freezing cold bath with a cup of camomile tea shivering to Charlie Sloth on 1Xtra, I shuffled downstairs to refuel the engine, scrutinising my Garmin for areas of improvement... It really isn’t long now to go, my mind and thoughts are constantly on the Brighton Marathon, I have to remain perspective and focussed now, keep calm and trust the training. So with one huge push to go next week until taper time, I wish you all a safe, healthy week of training! Cheers Mark
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