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Mark Fairbrother
Monday, 21 January, 2013 Hello everyone, and welcome to week 5 of my Marathon Journey to Brighton, as I write this, there is now only 85 days to go until I stand on that start line, call me cynical but that does not seem like a lot of days to me. That said, I am in very capable hands, and have put all my trust and confidence in Nick, my coach to get my body and mind in great shape for my sub 3:30 PB... As I draw close to the end of week 5, I shall bring you some highlights of the past week Monday – up at the crack of dawn (you might need to read that again more slowly...) A 5am start, on a freezing cold January morning I ‘shot’ out of bed and straight into my fabulous Saucony winter wardrobe – Tights (yes, with shorts ;) 2 pairs of socks, long sleeve tech shirt and my flashing jacket (not that one) – Hat, gloves, Garmin, Choob (This was a gift from my new friends at Up and Running in Sevenoaks – with over 15 creative ways of wearing it, I chose just to shove it over my head as a kind of cheeky neckscarf!, Ipod, Shoes – Big glug of High 5 Zero and I was ready to hit the roads. By this time it was close to 05:30......not easy looking this good. So the session was a nice 45 min recovery run to turn my legs over from Sunday’s long run. Now this is where I like to assess how far I’ve actually come in a mere 5 weeks of structured training - a 45 min run used to be a staple mid week run for me. Right now I’m feeling so fresh, so fit and so good. Monday evening was set aside for Core work.... Phoebe has given us a brilliant 25 minute ‘around-the-world’ routine covering 5 exercises that work the core to the bone, and work the core they do. Fortunately for my family and my own dignity I get on with this routine in the bedroom, where 25 minutes later I have a mere 5 metre crawl to the shower. My goal for February is to actually walk to the shower; in the manner my legs were made. Tuesday – 1 hour session including 5 x 5min intervals with 1 min recovery in between. I’m not going to lie; these sessions are hard work, but equally very rewarding as you get instant feedback, courtesy of my Garmin 610 as to where you are at. As it happens I’m was pleased with my interval pace (7:13m/m, 6:49, 6:48, 6:47, 6:54) Wed was rest, so I did what it said on the tin, Thursday – had 2 sessions planned, 30 min easy in the morning, which I did before work and a 60 min evening run with last 30 mins at Marathon Pace. Frustratingly, I had to carry this over to Friday, thanks to a bloody signal failure ‘outside Redhill’ which meant I didn’t get home until 22:45, and as keen as I am, bath and bed won. Tomorrow I have the most eagerly anticipated session of my week.........continuous hills, and no doubt the mechanics at the local garage will look on in utter disbelief, not sure if they think I’m mad or whether they just can’t believe a grown man would wear tights..... The Family guy You know, preparing for an endurance event like the marathon isn’t all about getting the mileage in, eating well, staying free from illness and injury etc. Yes, these are the bedrock, and the vital ingredients to success, but without the love and support of those around you the job is made twice as tough, if not impossible. And with a young, growing family, I too have to juggle and get creative with my training so as not to miss out on being daddy to my son and little girls, but in my corner, giving me every ounce of support and encouragement is my beautiful wife, Vicky. It goes without saying that Vicky puts up with a lot, my work life consists of long hours, and my training is generally done at an unsociable time away from the house, so this journey of mine would be a simple non starter if I didn’t have Vicky’s understanding and love (and home baked biscuits!) I bid farewell for another week, keep strong, keep fit and above all appreciate what you have. Cheers Mark Follow on twitter @mpfaccountancy.


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