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Mark Fairbrother
Thursday, 21 February, 2013
I thought I would start this week’s blog by sharing with you the sighting of, what I now believe to be a new neighbour, none other than one half of the ‘Cheeky Girls’. You may remember they terrorised our Saturday night viewing long before ‘Take me out’ took over... So, there I am coming to the end of a mid week threshold session and I see this slim figure approaching in the distance, as our paths cross and our eye meet, we both share that same moment where we say to ourselves “I know that person”. Of course, I’m assuming she reads Men’s Running Magazine, and is an avid follower of the Project 26.2 brigade, but for my part I knew who she was, albeit couldn’t tell which one of that illustrious duo she was. I’m back out there again, this time on an interval session, just getting into my stride, form is good, breathing controlled and pace is nice, look up again only to see my new friend again! – I then spent the next 60 mins of the session humming their hit chart masterpiece “Come and smile, don’t be shy, touch my bum, this is life......” It is for these reasons I have not joined the local running club.
Training Update
For those of you sharing my journey and working towards your own spring marathon you will probably be at a similar stage in terms of training. Nick, my coach has certainly ramped up the sessions, which are now more focussed on blocks of varying paces – some quicker, more up-tempo pacing (around my current 5k or better pace) to help build my aerobic ability. I am definitely getting faster over these shorter distances and am looking forward to another Parkrun attempt early March. I am also finding that recovery from each interval is improving as I am now able to hold the previous pace and even push slightly harder, which does leave you with a great sense of achievement. A lot more of my training now includes marathon pace effort, usually toward the end of the session, where I’m running on fatiguing legs, again I had a great session last Thursday – 80 min total, first 50 at 7:45m/m with the last 30 mins at 7:26m/m. It’s a huge confidence boost knowing that you can run a solid 50mins at a consistent pace only to speed up for the remainder of the session. Sunday’s long run crept up to the 2:30 mark, which essentially means things are getting serious, the distance is now moving well away from half marathon training and it’s these runs that really bring home the reality of us Marathoners are all about. I simply love it. At the moment I’m playing around with my fuelling strategy – so I took out 4 x High 5 Plus gels and gulped one every 30 mins which felt great. Another exciting feature to my marathon training is that now that my long runs are exceeding the 18 mile marker I treat my legs to a freezing cold bath after I’ve stretched. If you’ve never tried this or fear for my mental well being – then I challenge you to give it a go!   Preparation
Fill the bath with cold water up to waist height Keep your running tights and socks on (you may now remove your shorts ) Ban all Children and the wife/ Girlfriend from the bathroom (the pain in your face is not something they should remember you by...)
Make a mug of something hot (you’ll need it!) – Green Tea is perfect High 5 Banana Recovery Snack Bar   Method
Take the plunge, sit back and relax those muscles for a good 5-10 mins... keep smiling Now get in a hot shower to defrost.   This Sunday I’m taking to the race track, quite literally with Aaron, as the pair of us do battle in the annual Ford 10 Miler, held in Essex at their test track in Dunton. As this falls on an LSR day, Nick has kindly requested that we do a pre and post race 3 miles, so as to get in a solid 16 miles during the day! – for the race itself, my strategy is to go the first 5 miles at MP then the last 5 at 10k pace..... Until next time, keep safe, strong and healthy and above all be ‘Cheeky’! Mark
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