Week 4, lets train some more!

Mark Fairbrother
Monday, 14 January, 2013 Wow, it’s true what they say, time really does fly when you’re having fun, and what a fun week I have had. I hope that 2013 has got off to a great start for everyone, and that those New Year Resolutions, slash Best Intentions are still continuing..... Actually, looking back on my own I’m still following my NY resolution of 2010 – that is to start running, get fit and improve my general health, so smugness aside for a minute, if I can do it then so can you. Right, back to my week; Monday was a rather uplifting progression run, 3 x 15 reps, with no recovery along with some core exercises (I’ll return to the latter later..). I do really enjoy these sessions, as they are so different to what I was used to before I started Project 26.2. Started off with a 10 mins warm up, around 8:15-8:30 Min/ Mile pace, enough to raise my heart rate and loosen up my legs, with the warm up ended I went straight into 15 mins at 7:40m/m (I deliberately chose a route that had enough of an incline to keep things honest...all good, 2nd progression I went down to 7:22m/m – this one felt good, focussing on my form and not Sky Sports, final progression moved down to 7:10m/m – this also felt good as I felt what my coach Nick describes, ‘Controlled Discomfort’ for all the right reasons. This time I was focussing on my bubble bath, and wondering why I chose this ‘honest’ route – still with a good, hard 45 minutes of threshold running behind me I ended the session with a 10 min cool down. On Tuesday, Elvis, David Bowie, The little guy from ‘Fantasy Island’ da plane, da plane and Me all woke up another year older! – I’m convinced Nick (must have?!) known this as he gave me a rest day. At the moment, I’m treating these days as rest, no running only stretching, but will start crossing training next month.  

Cometh the hour, cometh the Athlete...

  Wednesday 9th January was Christmas day, it wasn’t you say? – Well, we had a training day in Teddington at Physio Paul Holbrough's clinic – what a brilliant day! – A packed day for all the Project 26.2 participants, we were taken through Training plans with Nick and Phoebe demonstating how we should be executing our core exercises (with ridiculous ease I must say) – I must also point out that the girls were incredible at core exercises, something to do with Pilates, Yoga etc – by contrast, I was happy to pick up a few important pointers. Jon from Saucony ensured our training through those long, cold winter months would be catered for, by providing each of us with an absolutely amazing rucksack full of the latest kit! – Hi-Viz shirts, jackets (with LED lights on board!) and tights, gloves and a hat. Now, maybe this one comes with age – but I have no issue wearing running tights (with shorts) but it was hilarious watching Ryan and Aaron debate the issue before eventually getting them on (without shorts...) Nick and Phoebe led us out to Bushy Park for a session on Threshold running, a fantastic lesson in discipline and confidence in my own ability, after a light lunch Physio Paul had us on his table, where he proceeded to bend, stretch & measure all those vital components in running. Turns out I have tights hips – Paul described this a common feature in someone who once played a lot of football and tennis only to retire into a desk job and family life. I have been asked to sit in front on the TV is a somewhat dubious position to help get the flexibility back! Thursday I went to see the guys at Up and Running in Sevenoaks for Gait analysis, discovered I slightly over-ponate on my right foot and was presented with a pair or Saucony Omni 11, brand new in the range, with moderate support for my form. Training on Thursday was a 70 min run at easy pace – I didn’t get out there until 21:15 due to work commitments but when I did, all kitted out, I kid you not I transformed into an athlete, right there was the transition. So as we draw close to the end of another great training week, I look forward to receiving my next set of plans and start to look toward those early races I have scheduled. Keep Running, Mark
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