Get your teeth into the full monty

Hit your target

Got a target time you want to train for? Download and follow one of these three plans by MR coaching editor Nick Anderson

Sub 4.30 Sub 4.00 Sub 3.30


Sign in here if it's your first marathon and the idea of completing the course is making you cry out in your sleep at night.

Week 1 to 12

Week 13 to 16


The distances in these plans can, of course, be tweaked, but do try to stay with it, you've got a marathon to run.

Week 1 to 12

Week 13 to 16

Personal Best

You've seen marathons, and competitors dressed as fruit, come and go, but this time you're out to win - it's personal.

Week 1 to 12

Week 13 to 16

Last Minute

Worried you've left it a bit late to train for an upcoming marathon? Fear not, for regular runners it’s possible to get in shape in just 12-weeks.
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