The last minute marathon plan

Worried you've left it a bit late to train for an upcoming marathon? Fear not, for regular runners it’s possible to get in shape in just 12-weeks, even if you have a busy schedule
12 week training planThis training programme will help you gradually work up your mileage to ensure that the full marathon distance is within your range, and includes some shorter sessions of strength training and a variety of workouts to help develop your overall fitness levels without risking any potential overtraining or injury issues that can be a result of too much running and an unbalanced training routine.The intensity of the schedule tapers off towards the end to allow you plenty of time to recover and ensure you feel raring to go come race day. Don’t be tempted to do too much during this period. By this stage your fitness will be well established and it’s better that you arrive at race day feeling keen to get going rather than experiencing any residual tiredness because you haven’t allowed yourself enough time to relax and prepare.Each training session should include at least five minutes stretching at the end. Feel free also to stretch on your rest days as long as your muscles are warm. You can get warm enough for stretching with as little as five minutes brisk walking.
Download our 12 week training plan and start getting marathon ready today!


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