931Issue 9 August 2011

Issue 9 August 2011

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Christian MalcolmTeam GB 200m star Christian Malcolm on setbacks, successes and showing others the way.
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The Biggest LoserWhy running alone isn’t enough if you want to shift some of that weight.
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Over The MountainInspired by a break-out at one of the toughest prisons in the USA, the Barkley 100 is five mountainous loops of running hell. But Jonathan Basham wouldn’t even let ghosts get in the way of winning.
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The Bucket List26.2 things to do in running before you die.
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The ClinicSaying we’re sending three men to the clinic sounds a bit sinister. It’s not. We are here to help, they’ve got no time to run and won’t reach their goals without our intervention. See, we did a good thing.
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Running Icon: Emil ZatopekThe reluctant athlete who won gold with ease was also a husband, humanitarian and generous of heart. His is a remarkable story of passion and fair play.
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Morning GloryAre you about as sprightly as a hungover student first thing? It doesn’t mean you can’t tackle those early morning runs with a bit more gusto, you lazy sod.
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Heel StartIt did for the Greek warrior who took on the Trojans and will put the skids under your running if you injure it, so look after your Achilles tendon.
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James CracknellThree-time Olympic champion rower, the highest placed Brit to ever finish the Marathon des Sables and thankfully still of this earth after being clattered on the swede by a massive truck. James Cracknell, we reckon, is a bit of a legend.
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Fox On The Run: Gemma AtkinsonShe’s set foot on stage as a naked Miss September, but is better known for calendars of her own. She’s gone from humble beginnings on teatime TV to appearances on the silver screen. It’s official: Gemma Atkinson is up and running.

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