898Issue 8 July 2011

Issue 8 July 2011

On A Wing And A PrayerTeam GB speedster Harry Aikines-Aryeetey on tattoos, jogging with his dog and why Lionel Messi’s footy career could soon be over.
Bad To The BoneThe 135-mile Badwater Ultramarathon starts below sea level at ends halfway up a mountain. It hurts to walk in the July heat, let alone run. Which didn’t stop this man entering the race on three separate occasions.
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The Longest DayMR gets up with the lark to see what life is like on race day for the men and women who make the whole thing happen.
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The Sixth Circle Of HellThe gruelling Marathon des Sables almost did for James Cracknell last year, but that didn’t deter our man from following in his footsteps, he headed out into the desert and never once looked back.
Scales Of TruthThere are more myths about fat loss than there are in Tolkien’s Ring trilogy and Homer’s Odyssey combined. Actually, that’s not true, neither are half the things you’ve heard about effective weight loss, MR goes in search of some answers.
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From Father To SonRick and Dick Hoyt have broken running and Ironman records across the globe, though the thing that truly sets them apart is that Rick suffers from cerebral palsy and does his competing in a customised running chair.
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Sebastian CoeHe’s the man who brought the Games to London and has enjoyed stints in both the Commons and the Lords, but first and foremost he was a world class athlete who made it count on the track
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Strung UpThe undoing of many a football legend and runner alike, why do the words pulled and hamstring set athletes on edge and what can be done to deter injury?
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Vernon KayWhen not selling Flora with his mum or talking to someone else’s on Family Fortunes, Vernon Kay’s out training for triathlons or his American football team. All he asks in return is a cold lime and soda, please.

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