886Issue 7 June 2011

Issue 7 June 2011

Driven To SucceedTeam GB hurdler Will Sharman on hitting the road, keeping tabs on the American President and why he never leaves home without a hockey ball.
Super Size MeSuperfood is the latest byword for meats, fruits and vegetables that are meant to give the consumer the zip of a Red Setter. But what do they actually do for you? MR cuts to the heart of the matter.
On Top Of The WorldThe 1,250-mile Great Himalayan Trail takes trekkers around five months to complete. Sean Burch set out to run it in a fraction of that time, but he wasn't counting on the leeches or drunken locals.
Blaze RunnerForget waiting for race day to arrive, with the ever-expanding Trailblaze routes cutting through the British countryside, you can run as far and as fast as often as you like. You might even want to try the black run.
Dog Day AfternoonA pack of hounds, 50 blokes on horseback and one lonely runner. MR gets that hunted feeling.
Running Icons: Ron HillA man who has run every day since 1964, broken records at the highest level and changed what the world wears when they go out racing in the streets.
Fat To FitLee Simpson was almost 18 stone when he realised that if he wanted to see his kids grow up he’d better shape up
Mortal ShinSome runners never seem to shake off shin splints. So how do you get rid of a common injury that returns the moment you start to run again? MR has the answers.
Chris CracknellEngland Rugby Sevens star Chris Cracknell on having every step he runs watched like a hawk, and ambitions to run a marathon once his egg-chasing days are done.

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