806Issue 5 April 2011

Issue 5 April 2011

Ben MoreauEnglish marathoner and full-time nine to fiver Ben Moreau talks animals, avoiding heavy drinking sessions and...Paula Radcliffe.
Coast to CoastWhen Terry Fox lost a leg to cancer at only 18 it was the start of a historic journey that would take him across Canada and to his destiny.
Hidden ExtrasGoing that extra mile requires more than simple determination. Supplements can make the difference between a new PB or just making the finish, MR picks ten of the best.
Body ShotsMR goes all Jean-Claude Van Damme to find out if martial arts training really can help chop minutes off your personal best.
Abebe BikilaHe was the first black African to win an Olympic gold and he changed the face of distance running forever. But his glittering career and life were to end in a tragic way.
Back For GoodRunning can have a real impact on your back and it's not always down to the way your foot hits the floor, you need some new core values to live by.
James ToselandHe can take hairpin bends at 120 miles per hour, tinkle the ivories like Jools Holland and run over three kilometres in 12 minutes. Former Superbike world champion James Toseland we hate you.

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