779Issue 4 March 2011

Issue 4 March 2011

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10 ways to never be bored running againHas your motivation melted faster than a snowball in the sprung sunshine? Spark it back into life by putting a new and inventive twist on your running regime.
The Iceman ComethForget Batman and Superman, there’s another superhero in town. He might not fly or have superhuman strength, but his feats are as dazzling as anything from a comic book.
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10 of running's biggest bloopersUntimely tumbles, wrong turns, public pee breaks and the sound of breaking glass. Strange things can happen when you go for a run.
Andrew LemoncelloThe champion steeplechaser and long distance runner Andrew Lemoncello on the pain barrier, crates of beer and the joys of Australian banter.
The Bare NecessitiesDo modern running shoes do more harm than good and should we all be taking a few steps backwards as we race towards the future of running?
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Extreme MeasuresCan you become an ultra-runner in just 12 weeks by spending fewer hours pounding the pavement and more time pumping iron? One man says you can. MR investigates.
The Open RoadIf you're as familiar with every corner, hill and straight of your route as a veteran bus driver, then why not look nationwide for your next run?
Mind GamesWhen athletes tell you that they win races due to the power of positive thinking, do you want to laugh in their faces? Us too until we heard all about NLP.

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