737Issue 2 Dec/Jan 2010-11

Issue 2 Dec/Jan 2010-11

Haile Crop
All hail Haile GebrselassieA brief interview with the world's greatest runner.
1-44-45 Crop
10 of running's biggest bloopersUntimely tumbles, wrong turns, public pee breaks and the sound of breaking glass. Strange things can happen when you go for a run.
The big chillIf you’re the sort who takes one look at the onset of winter and puts his trainers into hibernation, MR is here to show you how to beat the freeze and stay on your feet.
The grubby race guideOur take on some of the strangest, dirtiest and most downright deranged events on the circuit.
Mauro ProsperiMy name is Mauro Prosperi and… I ate bats & scorpions to survive the Sahara.
Wild FrontierIf you only run in the gym or on roads, you're missing out...
Break on throughIf you’ve hit the wall, you’ll know how it feels. If you haven’t experienced it, here’s how to make sure you never will.
Steve OvettIn the second of our series on running legends, we turn our attention to one half of the greatest British track rivalry of the 1980s.

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