1277Dimple power

Dimple power

  Go-fast ‘dimples’ could make Mo Farah and fellow track athletes run even faster, according to new research by Birmingham City University.
The team of researchers discovered that a more aerodynamic running shoe featuring dimples could give athletes a stronger competitive advantage.
As part of the the study, a Nike Zoom, Nike Free, Nike 100km and a Reebox DMXRIDE shoe were tested in a wind tunnel, using four different wind speeds to measure their drag properties.
 go-faster-dimples The research concluded that shoes which stimulate the texture of a golf ball came up trumps in the tests as they proved to support better aerodynamic performance.
The results also concluded that both the upper shoe design and the overall composition of the frontal aspects of the shoe could potentially affect a runner’s performance.
“Very little research to date has been done on the material of running shoes and there is great potential here for the future,” says research leader Professor Ashford. “If looking at differences in wind conditions, these small differences over a long period of time may actually affect energy consumption and ultimately the finishing time for an individual athlete – whether they are a professional or an amateur.”   Double medal-winner Mo will be in action again this weekend as he joins long-jump champion Greg Rutherford and 400m silver winner Christine Ohuruogu in the Birmingham Aviva Grand Prix athletics meeting this Sunday (26 August).   Men’s Running will be reporting live from the event via twitter, so why not follow at mensrunninguk to keep up with all the action.  

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