You don't need to fork out for expensive gear and gadgets to run. But if you want to look the biz, then check out MR reviews of the latest gear and gadgets to hit the market.

We put the latest fitness monitors to the test
Capture your greatest running moments on film with three of the very best action cameras on the market
Your mother always told you never to go out without one. Do as she says and make sure your jacket is right for the elements. MR puts 12 to the test

Race Pace Ten of the best shoes for the speed demons among you

Wet Work Your mother always told you never to go out without one. Do as she says and make sure your jacket is right for the elements. MR puts 12 to the test

Homing Device Polar's HRM and GPS integrated running watch is so simple even a toddler can use it, says contributing ed Jody Raynsford
Finger This We’ve sifted through a lorry load of apps to bring your our favourite five finger tip fitness tools for keeping your running on track.
Hard Wearing No point training for an obstacle race if your kit will get knackered before you do
Product review: Adidas Boost With the launch of Adidas Boost at the end of the month, Men's Running contributing editor Jody Raynsford heads off to Adidas HQ in Nuremberg to put the new shoe tech on trial.

Darkness Falls: the MR lowdown on trail running in the dark. Make the most of empty trails by running at night. Here's how to do it safely.
Check your gait Get off on the right foot with your training in 2013 by having your gait analysed.
Ten things to think about before you buy any gifts for runners. Get the runner in your life the perfect Christmas gift by avoiding these common present pitfalls.
Pressing the flesh Should you be using compression gear to aid recovery or are the gains so minimal it’s not worth the outlay? MR squeezes the truth out of the debate
Strike a light Hit the dark trails and tracks without hitting the floor with the pick of the season’s beams for your bonce
Bargain Hunt Refresh your stinky running kit with these technical gear bargains.
Dimple power Go-fast ‘dimples’ could make Mo Farah and fellow track athletes run even faster, according to new research by Birmingham City University.
Light on your feet MR test-drives the latest in treadmill technology. We haven’t felt this light since we were in short trousers
Hydration packs: We've got your back Don't dry up this summer. MR puts five hydration packs to the test.
FIRST LOOK: Underarmour UA Spine RPM 
Amercian sportswear giant launches new running shoe!
Silva headlamp crop
Silva headlamps
The Silva Trail Runner and Trail Runner Plus headlamps mean you can train longer, harder and safer! We used them for the adidas Thunder Run 24 with great results...

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