Let training commence!

Gary Rothwell
Tuesday, 8 January, 2013 Let training commence, as instructed by Nick Anderson (runningwithus.com) my first few weeks are all about building fitness and getting my body ready for the serious training begin. So for two weeks I've been running 5 times a week at a slow pace for 30-40mins, also snuck in a couple of hours of 5-a-side football on a Sunday night as well. Most runs I've been dragging my dog Hendrix (a beagle who has too much energy & walks next to me while I run, slightly demoralising) out with me, should really make a little more time for his rest stops (never knew a dog could poo mid run) but I'm stubborn and refuse to stop for anyone. Thankfully the mutt helps me get out there in the cold, rain & ice just by seeing the look on his face, 'not another midnight run'. My fiancée has been nothing but supportive, helping find the time for my runs, I know this is gonna get Harder and I have a feeling I'm gonna see more midnight runs than early doors. I've got the start of my full training plan, my core & stretching plan, the real fun starts now. Got a feeling when I hear the word threshold from now on, I'm just gonna start running. Roll on new year. Follow on twitter @runrunbadger.


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