Good to great to bad to terrible!

Gary Rothwell
Wednesday, 6 March, 2013 The past few weeks have been hard, it started off good, with each session I was feeling stronger, faster and felt like I could push myself for longer. I found a good sports massage therapist at a great price (Trish Wintersgill, £30 1 hour) and have three sessions now, I also get the benefit of using the gym for free before and after the massage.  

One man, several hills

  Out of all the training days we do I think the cont hills is the one I look forward to the most, I've found a couple of hills that are perfect for this close to work so on a split shift I can throw some saucony on and blast out a session. If I really want to push my legs one of the hills get progressively steeper, about a hundred 100 metres and rarely any cars or people around so I can grunt and pant to my hearts content. My last hill session ended the jellyiest  legs I ever had followed by an overwhelming urge to be sick, I kept it together thankfully I ran easy for the rest of the way back. I didn't take this as a warning though, i looked at it in a positive way, I was happy I could push myself to that level.  

Manflu hits

  Now for the downhill, I'm not sure which ones worse, injury or illness, I know they're both bad for runners but having a cold doesn't seem like a good enough reason to stop running, the dreaded man-flu maybe! I've never stopped running when illness took over I kinda thought I would sweat it out. I've found this not to be the case last week, if anything I think it made it a bit worse. As a result, I had to take a couple extra rest days, a short run and a footy match later I feel good again.   Just when things were looking up and training getting back on track, work pops up with the situation I fear whenever I plan races, someone being ill. Getting Mother's Day off was a big ask anyway for me, one of the busiest days off the year for a chef, but add in a sick chef then I have to work. So unless something amazing happens I'll be missing the Cambridge half marathon, this means I need/want to find another half marathon in the next couple of weeks so I and Nick can see what stage I'm at. Milton Keynes marathon isn't far away now, travel plans in place, hotel booked, just need to make every training week count. At the start of project 26.2 I was aiming for a sub 4 hour time but this seems like a dream at the moment.   I want to thank everyone for following all us project 26.2ers on our journeys, and all the best to Wallathon who we all know will fight to be back running as soon as possible.   Gary
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