The Beauty and the Beast

Gary Rothwell
Wednesday , 30 January, 2013 Lets start with the beast! After last weeks hundred metre fall, which involved kicking a large slab of pavement, which my toe felt the full force. I thought only my pride had been hurt, I was wrong! My big toe and his colleague to the left not only turned turned red with embarrassment, but also black, blue and a slightly hi vis green.   gary-rothwellAfter a quick exchange with our coach and physio,  Nick ( and Paul ( on whether it should be taken off, rapid reply came, plan of action in place, tape when I run, give the nail time to heal underneath and it will fall off when ready.   

The Beast of a black toe

  Now for the beauty! Just as I'm getting used to my new routine the snow arrives the break it, while I still got out for threshold training on Monday, it didn't feel like I could go at my preferred pace, footing was problem, I went for a shorter stride at a higher rate. Same striding was used for Tuesdays long run but at a slower easy pace. Going out for a couple of hours a long easy run, without thinking about pace or times,  just running for enjoyment,  finding new path/roads/trails to explore,  taking the time to notice the beautiful landscapes you can only really pay attention too if your traveling by foot.  

The Beauty out of town

gary-rothwell  Tuesday evening was time to relax and enjoy a 3 course meal, not any meal but a tasting of dishes for my wedding in July, food was good, wine was better and I've never really enjoyed wine that much, times are changing. Wednesdays recovery run was ok, nice slow pace. Thursday was rest day and much needed. Friday was a cross training day with core work, but because of the snow it turned into an 8 mile run to work, my calves were really starting to ache, for 5 miles it felt like I was running on a sand except no sun but cold wet feet. Saturday was gonna be continuous hills, but there was no hill I could find to do it or risk doing it on,  so after a warm up run, I grabbed my 16kg kettlebell and did a little circuit training for my legs, steps, squats, lunge, kicks.   I'm started to feel like my body is getting used to all the time on my feet running again now, being in a job where I'm on feet all day has some benefits like I don't feel the dreaded DOMS as bad, well maybe that's only benefit but the glass is half full to me!
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