Longest fall & Quickest spring

Gary Rothwell
Monday, 14 January, 2013 Well Xmas was what can only be described as blip in my training, a two week blip. I'm not gonna bang on about how busy at work I was or it was my daughters first birthday, and after spending a few days making a birthday cake Richey Rich would be proud to have, then to drop the cake the night before, mad midnight shopping spree for cakes & decorations,  new construction done!   gary-rothwell Ok maybe I am gonna bang on about it all!  Xmas and new year are in the past now, the future is running & maybe even running tights ( with shorts ). Met with all the project 26.2 guys at our training day, everyone was keen to get cracking, so after getting kitted out with some of the best running gear you can get we were off to Bushy Park to run. Threshold, threshold, threshold! After getting our threshold runs right and a few action shots, back to base to check our bodies for what can only be described as chinks in the armour to be hammered out, or in my case stretched out, I seem to have the flexibility of a girder, but with all the help I'm getting from Physio and Therapy this will improve all the way till marathon day.  

Day after training day!

  Core sore, legs sore, after 19 hour trip via trains I was thanking god ( or Nick ) it was a rest day.  Recovery run with my commis chef on Fridays split shift, gonna start dragging the whole kitchen team out I think. Saturday was to be my first 5k time trail, the plan was to do it after lunch service but finished toO late with to prep left to do, so I decided it would have to be a midnight run, started out with a warm up jogging past people stumbling home. I had set my Garmin up ready, so all I had to do was run until it told me to stop. All was good until I clipped a raised bit of pavement, as soon as I hit it I was on the way down, my legs started to speed up to bring it back but after what seems like a hundred metres and running at a right angle I hit the ground! I sprung back up in a flash thinking if I'm up quick no one would have seen it, I didn't hang about kept going til I got round the corner, checked my wounds (bloody knee & a little grazing on hands) then it hit me ( not the floor ) I realised I was still on the clock, get back into stride and finish it. My first 5k time trail done, set a PB, all I have to do now to beat it is stay on my feet! Follow on twitter @runrunbadger.


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