Lost! Tired! Happy!

Gary Rothwell
Tuesday, 12 February, 2013 What a couple of weeks! Snow, ice, crashes, navigation problems, logs and a fiancée who pushes me to go further.   Mondays threshold training is starting to grow on me, what I have learnt is I need a least 3 miles before I feel warmed up and my lungs are ready to push. Was always the same playing football. First half always felt really hard work but the second half, none stop running and shouting, and it felt good. This was only a year and half ago or 3 stone, a daughter and new job ago.   Tuesday was the first time in my 30 years living in Lincoln that I've got lost, Lincoln is not a massive city, not even big compared to some but yet I found myself less than five miles from home and lost after a 2 hour run. Only one thing for it - ask for help! And help came from a sweet old lady, after a strange look up and down she gladly pointed me in the direction home. After another 40 minutes and a few man points less I was home.   Both Wednesday and Thursday were snowy/icy nine mile runs to work. Thursdays run turned out to be a start to an interesting day, while turning into the country village where I work, I was running easy and noticed a herd of locals gathering round a ball of blankets on the side of road, turned out it was my commis chef looking like ET. A car had just pulled out in front of him and he went straight into the back of it. I waited with him until the ambulance came and whizzed him away. He's ok by the way, just in shock and achy.   I finally got to work an hour late and a chef less, I was welcomed by three tons of logs to move (good cool down ). Log moving done, one chef down, two hours lost, time to start work but not before the kitchen rings in, twelve hours later I was home. Friday became a rest day and Saturday was a glorious continuous hill session.   Sunday was another run to work, I ran extremely slow and even walked some parts, it felt like the right thing to do, I wanted to save some energy for two hours of 5 a-side footy that night and work.   The following week I took a couple of extra rest days, played a little extra football, And had some time booked off to spend with my family. I still managed to get a three hour long run in, which was only going to be two hours, but my beautiful fiancée decided to change our place of meeting without telling me, I thank you Laura for pushing me to go further!   I've started to get in a better routine of what I eat at work and at home, I've lost a bit of weight but not as much as I'd liked at this point but I realise my diet still isn't perfect. I know I can still change so much and I will. Time to push myself that bit more.   Running, football or any exercise does so much for our happiness, it makes us all feel better about ourselves, but so does watching my daughter walking, running (chasing the dog) playing with Lego. So all in all I'm one happy man!   Follow on twitter @runrunbadger.


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