Knee niggle

Gary Tebbutt
Monday, 6 August, 2012

Having a recurring minor problem with my left knee. This has been diagnosed by Paul Hoborough as a slight meniscal tear (wouldn’t like a bad one!). Apparently my IT bands are very tight and I also show a loss of movement through the hip when running. Paul has given me some exercises and stretches to try and rectify this concentrating on hip rotation / strengthening and IT band stretches several times a day. In conjunction with the single leg squats this should hopefully stop this niggle getting worse. Fortunately this knee problem does not appear during running at all but can become an issue several hours afterwards. Nick Anderson the coach for operation ultra thinks that the hill work maybe aggravating the knee problem. It certainly seems worse after a heavy hill session but improves during the following days.  

Early riser

  Had a 90 minute run on Wednesday this week to be done before work if possible? No problem for me as I am a morning person but I was wide awake at 3.45am and couldn’t get back to sleep and so I was out the door at 4am. Had a terrific early morning run and felt great at work. Following morning slept in and was late for work – absolutely shattered. Lesson learnt I hope. Must get more sleep. Just finished an excellent weekend running as I write this. It started with a hill session on Saturday followed by a 2.5 hour long run Sunday morning and a 1 hour easy run Sunday night. I must say I didn’t want to go out for the Sunday evening run and the first 2 miles were tough. However, I very quickly loosened up and the following miles were superb. I definitely learnt something about myself tonight by running 1 hour after a long run earlier in the day and a tough hill session the day before. I am looking forward to seeing how the stretches and core work help with various aspects of my running.


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