Keeping time

Gary Tebbutt
Friday, 31 August, 2012

Went out to do my Saturday hill session this week and as I got out of the car (there are no suitable hills where I live) I realised that I didn’t have my Sunto watch with me. It was too far to drive home and get it and so I attempted a 75 minute session with 3 x 10 minutes continuous hills of 45, 60 or 90 second uphill efforts and 2 minute recovery between reps. Try doing that without a watch! Of course I didn’t want to fall short with the times and so I suspect the session was a bit longer than planned. Certainly felt like it afterwards, but really enjoyable.  

The long run

  On the following day I had my long run of 3 hours with the last hour at marathon PB pace. Surprisingly the last hour at faster pace freshened my legs and I ended thinking that I could have done it a little quicker. I also consumed more food on this run than I have before. No gels just fruit cake, rice cakes, banana and Gatorade drink. All carried in the Salomon backpack which was extremely comfortable over the 3 hours. This long run required a little planning and thought. The route, pacing (for the early miles, middle miles and last hour) and what to eat and drink and when meant that it turned out to be quite an event rather than the usual out the door for a 3 hour slog. A cold bath for 15 minutes before a meal of past, tuna and salad felt good afterwards. A comfortable 60 minutes easy pace followed 4 hours later to give me a 28 mile total for the day. Quite pleased with that!  

More hills!

  Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday consisted of recovery runs and a further hill session on Thursday finished the week and the runs for August as tomorrow is a rest day. Unfortunately didn’t reach my best ever monthly mileage but I do feel that the miles I am putting in are quality miles rather than the constant paced miles that I used to do. All my runs this week have been early mornings between 5am and 6am starts and it feels great to be out and running at that time. I saw my first ever wild snake yesterday. Apparently it was an adder and as I circled it, it raised its head and followed me around. I know this may not seem much to some people but here in the Vale of York, believe it or not we do not see much wildlife in the countryside.  An added bonus to Operation Ultra is that I am not falling asleep at work anymore as I am fuelling up before, during and after my runs. A bonus – I get to keep my job!


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